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How to achieve high yield of sand making machine?

Asked by luckhoney on 12/04/2018 at 2:11 AM

River pebble, as a raw material for natural sandstone production, has become a new type of high quality raw material with the prohibition of exploitation of natural river sand. Because of the hard texture of river pebbles and the high requirement for processing equipment, sand making machine is widely used to crush River pebbles. This sand making machine has stable performance, large crushing ratio and high output. It is very suitable for processing River pebbles.

River pebble sand making machine has a long history. With the progress of science and technology, it has been continuously supplemented with new functional technology to improve production efficiency and use impact force to crush River pebbles. It can deal with various river pebbles with size less than 500 mm, which are used in mining, cement, chemical industry, transportation, highway and other industries. In fine crushing operation, the gap between the hammer and the impact plate can be adjusted to adjust the grain size of the discharged material and to diversify the crushing specifications.

How to achieve high yield of cobble sand making machine

1. River pebble sand making machine breaks river pebbles by impact force. Driven by motor, the rotor runs at high speed. It drives river pebbles to the action area of plate hammer, receives impact crushing of plate hammer, and is thrown back to the counterattack plate to re-crush. The flying river pebbles will also impact and friction with each other, thus improving the crushing efficiency and breaking. Broken ratio.

2. The crushing principle of river pebble sand making machine is "more crushing and less grinding" and "stone beating". The combination of the two new technological requirements not only improves the crushing output, but also reduces the loss of river pebble to the inner wall of the equipment. It is not easy to break down in the production process, reduces the time of shutdown and maintenance, prolongs the production time and enhances the output. Create high economic value for users.


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