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Numerous studies have shown that constant

Asked by zhangsan520 on 12/03/2018 at 9:19 PM

Numerous studies have shown that constant pressure on your face will result in the formation of acne Vikings Kyle Rudolph Jersey , adult acne, and wrinkles. Instead of your face smashed against the pillow as you sleep, your head is comfortably supported by the MyFacePillow, allowing your face to be free, thus working as an acne treatment, and anti wrinkle solution, and an overall anti aging product. The MyFacePillow is made out of high grade memory foam providing maximum comfort. The patent-pending design is contoured to your head and neck Vikings Linval Joseph Jersey , and can be used with your existing pillow or as a standalone pillow.

As an Acne Solution:

Before I developed this pillow, I suffered from acne all my life and I struggled with ways on how to prevent acne. I tried to get rid of my acne using proactive, topical creams, oral antibiotics, vitamins, different diets, classic home remedies for acne Vikings Kirk Cousins Jersey , but nothing really worked. I was tired of the costly dermatologist visits and expensive prescriptions, which are described by doctors as the only way on how to get rid of acne and how to get rid of pimples, but these only make your face more irritated with limited results. However, the dermatologist always said one compelling piece of advice, “constant pressure was bad for your skin and caused acne”. I thought about my sleeping habits, and I realized that for eight hours a night, I slept with my entire face smashed against a pillow. More compelling is that the side of my face I normally slept on was the side where I had the most acne. First Vikings Adam Thielen Jersey , I tried changing the pillow case every night, but this did not stop my acne. Then, I set out to develop a pillow that would prevent my entire face from making contact with the pillow. After using the MyFacePillow prototype for a few nights, the occurrence of new acne went away. My face is completely clear of acne, and I’ve been using this pillow every since.

As an Anti-Wrinkle Solution:

During the process, I also learned that the MyFacePillow is a solution for much more than just an acne treatment. Many studies have shown that sleeping on your face will result in deep wrinkles as your age. By using the MyFacePillow, you will be able to stop and prevent these wrinkles as the MyFacePillow acts as an anti wrinkle and anti aging device.

For Cosmetic Surgery
Vikings Stefon Diggs Jersey , Facial Creams, and Much More:

“The MyFacePillow is also very beneficial for helping aid in the recovery of Cosmetic Surgeries and the preservation of expensive anti aging Facial Creams: After facial cosmetic surgery, it is important to protect that area of your face during the healing process. However, how can you make sure it is not disturbed while sleeping? The MyFacePillow is the answer. This pillow also ensures that expensive night creams, anti wrinkle creams, and anti aging creams are not rubbed off on your pillow while you sleep.”
I’ve been battling with acne, and now adult acne Vikings Harrison Smith Jersey , ever since I was a teenager. I spent hours searching ways on how to get rid of acne or how to get rid of pimples, and trying everything from over the counter topical, oral antibiotics prescribed by the doctor, to home remedies for acne. Nothing really worked, and never had a prolonged impact. One day I was searching online, and I stumbled upon a pillow that was a solution on how to prevent acne. The pillow ensured that your head was comfortably supported, but isolated your face and skin Danielle Hunter Color Rush Jersey , so they weren’t pressed against the pillow while you slept.

All other acne medications or other acne products I’ve ever tried or read about only seem to be band aids to the problem without solving the root issue. After doing some additional research, it appears that constant pressure on your face is one of the main factors that cause acne, and the MyFacePillow is a direct solution to resolving this problem.

Also, as I’m getting older, I discovered that not only is the MyFacePillow an acne treatment device, but it also works as an anti aging and anti wrinkle device. The same constant pressure on your skin, especially while you sleep Eric Kendricks Color Rush Jersey , will also result in wrinkles and lines on your face. I found out that not only will the MyFacePillow work to get rid of acne, but it will also work to prevent wrinkles.


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