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​ Norse Code Podcast Episode 254:

Asked by huangjian123 on 12/03/2018 at 1:20 AM

Kicked Out In Green Bay *****Download Link Here*****(03:52) Green Bay Recap(20:49) Arif and the Twitter Timeline Warriors(55:38) New Signings (67:02) MailbagEpisode Notes:Read about a similar situation as the Carlson Kick Cheap Kirk Cousins Jersey , Cleveland’s Red Right 88Here’s my story on all the touchdowns scored in the game“Kicker analysis” data study concludes that the Vikings made the right decisionHere’s ESPN’s absolutely savage Thanos graphicEverson Griffen says, “tie goes to the runner, and we’re the runners, so we got the W”Special thanks to Rhymesayers Entertainment and Atmosphere for the new theme song!Arif - @ArifHasanNFLJames - @bigmonoTo listen to more, this is the link to that iTunes feed. If you can’t for whatever reason subscribe via iTunes, subscribe to via our RSS feed, which should support the RSS reader or podcast organizer of your choice. You can still leave a review even if you can’t subscribe via iTunes because it’s easy to create an AppleID. We also have a YouTube channel. Our podcasts are automatically uploaded there.If you want to make sure you don’t miss an episode and find out ways to support the show , head to our website!But we also have a Patreon and that should make it even easier to support the best podcast for your Minnesota Vikings. We know that it’s a tough ask given all the problems involving their transaction fees, but if can manage it, check it out here. If you wanted to donate via Paypal instead of Patreon, head to this link.Once again, contact me at arifmhasan (at) gmail dot com or the podcast at NorseCodePodcast (at) gmail dot com. Follow us on twitter at @NorseCodeDN or just me at @ArifHasanNFL. You can follow producer and host James Pogatshnik at @bigmono. Minnesota Vikings front office released a statement on Tuesday to address that defensive end Everson Griffen will resume team activities on Wednesday, Oct. 24. Griffen has been out for about a month while dealing with a personal health issue. He was involved in an incident at a hotel in Minneapolis on Sept. 22. Since then, Griffen has been out of media other than the one statement he released a couple weeks ago. Here are today’s statements from Vikings general manager Rick Spielman , and Everson Griffen:“We have been in communication with Everson’s medical professionals throughout this process and have relied on his recommendations regarding the appropriate next steps for Everson. We are excited to welcome Everson back to the Vikings and to see him around teammates, coaches, and staff - people who care deeply about his well-being. Our focus will continue to be on providing an on-going support system for Everson and his family.”– Vikings General Manager Rick Spielman“Being around my teammates and coaches is something I have missed for several weeks. While this is an exciting and positive move forward for me, it is only the next step in a longer process. I look forward to once again putting in the work with the guys and contributing to this team in any way I can. My larger focus remains on addressing my personal health, and I’m hopeful the time will come when I feel comfortable sharing my story and using my platform to bring awareness to these issues. I continue to be extremely grateful for the constant support from my family, my teammates, the Vikings organization and our tremendous fans.”– Everson GriffenGriffen participated in two games earlier in the season Cheap Ben Gedeon Jersey , he recorded half a sack in both games. He tallied a total of six tackles. It’s great seeing the two-time pro bowler return to the facility with his teammates, and coaches. I’m sure being around positivity will only shed light on Griffen’s situation. However, don’t expect Griffen to suit up for a game any time soon. This is just one step in the right direction. Great seeing positive progress in the big guy. SKOL


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