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This FIFA 19 squad is built to compete

Asked by venynx on 11/10/2018 at 5:16 AM

Today I'm building a best fifa coins online team that will cost you about 300K Fut coins and this team is incredible. Why you got this incredible FIFA 19 Squad Hybrid with 500K FIFA 19 Coins, we will detail you.

This FIFA 19 squad is built to compete and it's a Hybrid. It's not the top level FIFA 19 teams even convinced in the FUT 19 Weekend League or even within FIFA 19 Division Rivals depend on what division you in. But it’s a best FIFA team which can definitely help you take you up. Every players are on full chemistry, it has individual players in each position which can definitely help you out in certain areas of the filed. And there are a few players that have like FIFA 19 Premier League cards. We're going to be using the FIFA 19 formation 4-3-2-1.

Once we've put all the players in the team, it works very nicely. Then I’ll introduce you these players skills and how much do they cost.

Miranda: He’s not the quickest in centre back but defensively he's one of the best with 88 defending. And he's not that expensive that cost 11.75K FIFA 19 coins (PS4), 11.5K FIFA coins (XBOX), 14.5K coins (PC).

Koulibaly: One of the best center backs on the game. In the last season's Serie A and World Cup, he held the defensive line for Naples and Senegal respectively. 72 pace, 88 defending, 86 physical. His Jumping and physical strength can almost exceed any opponent. He's 6 foot 2. An incredible really strong center back. Price: About 35K FIFA coins (PS4), 31K coins (XBOX), 40K FIFA 19 coins (PC).

Ghoulam: A fantastic player. He is pretty tall for 6 feet tall and has every step of 70 except for shooting. He’s not the quickest player but defensively he's great. Price: 2100 FUT coins (PS4), 1900 coins (XBOX), 3000 coins (PC).

Danilo: The right back of the team which is one of my favorite right backs. I think he might be the best Brazilian right back on FIFA game this year. He has every step above 70 and also 6 feet tall. sme a few headers So he is just great and that's been at the defense right. Overall it's an amazing defense card and it's not too expensive that only cost 1000 FUT 19 coins (PS4), 1200 coins (XBOX), 1200 (PC)


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