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In FIFA 19 the goalkeeper can also be controlled in online matche

Asked by venynx on 11/10/2018 at 2:49 AM

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There are a number of rules to follow if you decide to wear the # 1 shirt in FIFA 19. There is no clear indication of the offline matches: in that case, there would be no substantial changes, the goalkeeper could be easily controlled. In FIFA 19 the goalkeeper can also be controlled in online matches. Controlling your own goal is quite simple, using the pad's right stick. Warning: sometimes it happens, you have done it all. The fateful moment when, fools, pass the ball to the attacking opponent in a hyper-critical area of the field. In that case, by keeping the right stick pressed downwards, checking the goalkeeper can help you move it (always turning the right stick) precipitately towards the uncovered corner of the door, thus avoiding an easy and extremely irritating goal. Controlling the goalkeeper can be extremely useful in the 1-on-1 position: directing him and helping him understand the opponent's intentions will make your job much easier and could help you save the result. If the attacker moves the ball to the left, taking two steps to the right and covering the right corner can make all the difference the football world can conceive. Another specific case, to neutralize the shots diagonally: by checking the goalkeeper once the intention of the attacker is understood, it will be enough to take a step towards the farthest post to save even conclusions that otherwise would have ended in the more fut coins Click Here


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