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The Technology Behind the Development of Fifa 18

Asked by Cszcy on 07/11/2018 at 10:24 PM

At the beginning of the year, he received an OTW card which cost"only" roughly 230,000 coins at the moment, but has developed so dramatically in recent months that his card today has a score of 89 (before the winter upgrades) and also this OTW is currently worth roughly 550,000 coins. For those who did not pay careful attention in mathematics: that is an increase of almost 100 percent, so FIFA 19 Coins nearly doubled in value.

This is the perfect example of how an OTW can evolve. If he plays with the season of his life for his new team, he can grow to be a damn good cardand people who buy him are the ones to benefit. However, which cards should one buy? There is an OTW SBC event where you want an OTW card to get a pack.


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