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ADDIS ABABA Mike Napoli Jersey , March 4 (Xinhua) -- A fashion show on qipao, a stylish traditional Chinese dress for ladies, exhibited a beautiful facet of the rich Chinese culture to diplomats of different countries here at the African Union.

Hosted by spouses at the Chinese Mission to the Africa Union on the premises of the Mission Head's residence in Ethiopia's capital Addis Ababa, the Qipao Fashion Show event on Saturday featured performances on different themes, including young girls' beauty; wedding; hosting friend; Chinese Romeo and Juliet dance; violin solo: a fishing boat song at dusk; and learning embroidery among others.

During the event that also displayed sample qipaos, an eight-year-old Chinese girl Matt Moore Jersey , in particular, captured the attention and the heart of the audience with her performance on violin solo: a fishing boat song at dusk.

According to Kuang Weilin, Head of the Chinese Mission to the Africa Union, the event was hosted by the spouses at the Mission in connection with the upcoming International Women's Day, aiming to promote the rich Chinese cultural elements to the rest of the world.

Kuang told Xinhua after the show that it was a successful event.

Stating that many Africans and other nationals do not know about China's qipao, also known as Mandarin gown Matt Harrison Jersey , Kuang said the event was a very good platform to promote the traditional clothing and related cultural elements to diplomats of different countries.

"The event was a great success; it showed the Chinese culture to our friends, to ambassadors. I think, this event is also a very good event for the promotion of better understanding between China and other countries," he said.

"Qipao is really one of the most important elements of the Chinese culture. Qipao really is the symbol of the Chinese culture. And interestingly, not many people in Africa really know about qipao; it is our responsibility to introduce qipao to Africans so that African friends, ambassadors will really have better understanding of the Chinese culture Martin Perez Jersey ," noted the Ambassador.

He said the Mission would continue to host such events in future with a view of promoting the rich culture of China to the rest of the world.

Participating in some of the performances and making presentation on qipao and its evolution, Wu Hua, spouse of the Chinese Ambassador to AU, noted that qipao is symbolic of Chinese culture.

It demonstrates the elegance, grace, and tenderness of the Chinese women Luis Sardinas Jersey , she said.

"Its design and style show special features of the woman's figure. However, at the same time, it does not expose too much. It shows Chinese woman's beauty subtlety," she added.

Attending the event, African and other diplomats have hailed the event, which featured qipao fashion show Jurickson Profar Jersey , presentation on evolution of the traditional robe (qipao), and performances on the different Chinese customs on different occasions.

Susan Sikaneta, Zambian Ambassador to Ethiopia and AU, told Xinhua it was a magnificent event.

"I must say that this fashion show has been magnificent, wonderful, and beautiful. I can describe it in all these beautiful words because it has really been magnificent Josh Hamilton Jersey ," she said.

The fashion show was not only entertaining, but also informative and educative, said the Ambassador.

Speaking to Xinhua, Monica Sabatucci, spouse of the Head of EU Delegation to AU, said she admired the event.

"It is really Joey Gallo Jersey , really, nice; it was a new experience for us; we can see how in-depth the perfection is of the Chinese people; it is a different culture you get to understand more; how important perfection is color. It was a different presentation. And it was really, new experience for all of us," said Sabatucci.

"It was not the first time; but every new presentation is new experience. Definitely, it was really, really Jason Grilli Jersey , positive, and I was really, really honored to see all this kind of different presentation; it was not only the fashion show but also the presentation of the different customs that China offers," she said.

The event concluded with a banquet, which offers Chinese dishes, and was thrown by the Chinese Mission to the African Union.

by Peter Mertz

DENVER, the United States, Jan. 29 (Xinhua) -- A second day of protests erupted at Denver's biggest airport Sunday in response to restrictions on Muslims entering America.

As local politicians lined up against President Donald Trump's controversial new immigration policy, Colorado universities also cautioned members of their Muslim communities to stay home and not travel at this time.

"We're back in the stone ages, courtesy Donald Trump," said a 30-year-old Aurora woman who told Xinhua she was Iranian.

The crowd of 200 protesters holding signs denigrating Trump and his policies inside Denver International Airport (DIA) was smaller than Saturday's crowd of 500, but protesters told Xinhua they plan on returning each day.

"The best thing about Trump is that it (the ban) energizes educated people who understand U.S. history and law, and are repulsed by his performance," a protester, Abdul Hussein, told Xinhua at DIA.

"The anti-Trump, liberal movement is just beginning, and he brought it on," Hussein said.

Among the DIA protesters on Sunday was a Syrian refugee who was now an American citizen. He told Xinhua he was "utterly shocked" America would abandon its immigrants so easily.

Both Democrats and Republicans took shots at the new president, with Colorado's Democratic Governor John Hickenlooper taking charge.

"What is going on in Washington, D.C. is confusing, to say the least," Hickenlooper told Xinhua.

"This country is built on a lot of diversity that's not going away in one four-year period," Hickenlooper said, referring to Trump's presidential term.

Republican Mike Coffman, a U.S. House representative, was also critical, Football or the preva.