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But if so many people consider him synonymous with Nike

Asked by AAcopic on 07/10/2018 at 1:35 AM

nike air max sale uk mens Why risk alienating legions of fans (as preposterous as that sounds)? The money is a no-brainer – going from a reported $10 million annually with Nike to $30 million annually with Uniqlo doesn’t present much of a decision, especially when the new deal reportedly includes a remarkable clause that says Federer gets paid even if he doesn’t play. But athletes who have designs on becoming a business, man, aren’t led blindly by dollar signs. LeBron James could have made more short-term money staying in Cleveland but went to L.A. to lay the foundation for his post-athletics future. Federer did the same, but with far more agreeable circumstances. nike air max sale uk womens Because for as big as Federer is, and Forbes says he’s the biggest endorser in the sports world, he’d always have been second-fiddle (or third or fourth or fifth) at Nike. That’s Michael Jordan’s domain and even LeBron won’t make inroads there. Going to a new place provides an opportunity for Federer to go beyond brand-building. This is legacy stuff. It’s far from a sure thing, however. Beyond outlaying one-third of a billion dollars to a tennis star who probably has four years left, at most, Uniqlo has another major challenge ahead of it. The company needs to make Roger Federer one of its own instead of a Nike carpetbagger who chased the money. nike air max uk sale online But if so many people consider him synonymous with Nike, is that even possible? You can put a Heineken in James Bond’s hand but everybody still assumes he’s drinking martinis. Federer’s ties with Nike go back to his days as a temperamental junior with bleached blond hair. He was wearing the swoosh at the start of his career, (when he sported an unsightly ponytail and mixed flashes of brilliance with disappointing Grand Slam results). It was there when he began winning Slams at an unprecedented clip – five-straight Wimbledons and four-straight U.S. Opens in the air max uk sale outlet No tennis player has ever been tied with a brand as much as Federer with Nike. And he’ll continue to be. Federer will wear the Oregon company’s shoes (Uniqlo isn’t in the market) and has already spoke about a potential sneaker deal with Nike. (He should. Despite all the hand-wringing, a shirt logo is completely irrelevant. But for a 37-year-old with a history of great health, shoes are as important as the racquet. Changing from Nike so late in the game doesn’t seem like a risk worth taking.) Will the swoosh on the feet overshadow the logo on the chest? It all depends on the aforementioned RF logo.


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