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Huawei hosts an ecological forum for smart home partners

Asked by wangkiky on 07/06/2018 at 12:25 AM

In order to promote the development of HiLink smart home industry, during the exhibition, Huawei held an ecological forum for smart home partners.Original Huawei S3700 52P Ei Ac 48 Port Huawei Gigabit Ethernet Optical Fiber Switch

At the forum, Huawei announced that it will launch a “Billion-dollar plan” for its joint partners. The plan is centered on “high-speed growth of Huawei” and leverages Huawei as the only technology in the industry to fully deploy cloud, end and core technologies to build a full-scale scenario for users. Smart life, at the same time, both To B and To C, simultaneously exerting Huawei's technology, sales and brand capabilities to help achieve the goal of achieving tens of billions of water in three years, and strive to build China's first smart home in three years.huawei s1700 52fr 2t2p ac capa 2 acceso 48 puertos red

At the Eco-Forum, Huawei announced that HiLink has become the national standard for smart homes in the National Digitalization Standardization Technical Committee for Intelligent Buildings and Residential Areas (referred to as the “National Intelligent Standards Committee”), and signed a memorandum. At the same time, Huawei also commended seven outstanding partners.teléfono grandstream gxp2140 ip en rs 8590 / pieza (s) | ip

Among them, Opus and Cobos were awarded Huawei HiLink Most Popular Product Awards, Jiuyang, 720, Midea, Sansi and Duya were respectively awarded Huawei Hilink Best Experience Award, Huawei HiLink Most Innovative Product Award, Huawei HiLink Most Trusted Brand Award, Huawei HiLink Best Design Product Award, Huawei HiLink Best Home Improvement Product Award and other awards.Huawei Atn 910 And1Ef8T 8 Channels Fast Ethernet Electric Interface Board


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