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These pastries are round, about the size of a fisted hand, flaky, and topped with a generous layer of sesame seeds for both the eyes and the nose. Their name is because their warm golden color reminds of the yellow of a crab shell. Crab-Yellow Pastries are rich, crispy, and aromatic, and inside is one of a variety of stuffings that typically include green onions, pork, crab meat, shrimp, sugar, mashed beans, and jujube paste.To get more shanghai cuisine news, you can visit shine news official website.
Mashed Date Pastries

Chinese dates, also known as jujubes, are common ingredients in national sweets and dishes. The Mashed Date Pastries founds in Shanghai consist of a fried pastry cover over a serving of mashed dates within. The golden color is inviting and the texture is pleasant; these sweets are particularly popular in Hong Kong, Macau, and Japan.
Fried Mantou (a kind of fried paste with stuffing inside)

Fried MantouIn Shanghai, baozi (bread) is referred to as mantou. So, Fried Mantou means fried bread. These simple but delicious buns are made with semi-fermented dough that is fried on a saucepan. Fried Mantou must simply be tasted when hot and fresh to experience them at their prime. The exterior is warm, golden, and crispy while the inside is white and soft. Together, the textures make for a truly soothing gastronomical taste! The insides can also be found filled with sesame or scallions for an additional twist in flavor.
Cold Noodle With Sauce

Summers in Shanghai are hot and humid which is why cold noodles are a popular favorite. It is in fact very easy to make cold noodles: boil the noodles and just let them cool down! Afterwards, add a dollop of sauce to make the dish fit your mood of the day. Typical sauces include meat sauces, sesame, and other savory types. On the side or on top, it is common to enjoy Cold Noodles with Sauce with meat or seafood, chopped vegetables, and tofu. These plain style noodles go smoothly into the mouth. Usually, it is enjoyed with fresh and tasty dried shrimps, scented scallions, and sesame oil in a clear broth at its most basic. It can also be ordered with a thick, savory, meat-based sauce on top.

Yangchun Noodles have a very old and beloved history for the Chinese. Every October in the lunar calendar signals a new Spring; thus, the number 10 refers to Spring. Also, a long time ago, a bowl of these noodles was just 10 wen (the monetary unit in ancient times). So, Yangchun Noodles, with “-chun” meaning Spring in Chinese and the longevity of noodles themselves being a good symbol for life, has auspicious significance.
Sticky Rice Balls with Fruit Stuffing

Sticky rice foods and snacks, due to their delightful texture, are very popular throughout China. These Sticky Rice Balls with Fruit Stuffing are made with sweet fermented rice. The outsides of the glutinous rice balls can be smooth or accented with things such as sesame or coconut shavings.
Leisha Dumpling

Leisha DumplingLeisha Dumplings are among the most loved desserts in Shanghai and China. These sticky glutinous rice dumplings are served often as trios and are filled with adzuki bean paste, yielding a perfectly sweet combination. Sometimes they can be filled with meat, sesame, or paste of other types of beans. Outside, a thin but rich layer of adzuki bean powder completes the overall flavor.

The name of Leisha Dumplings is said to have come from the name of an old lady named Lei who made her living making these treats on the streets of Shanghai at the end of the Qing Dynasty. It was her idea to cover the sticky balls in adzuki bean powder so they did not stick to each other as she transported them. Today, these dumplings are incredibly popular with all ages!


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