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wood floor of indoor

Asked by wangkiky on 06/11/2018 at 11:57 PM

look from the average service life of the floor, no matter be indoor wood floor, aggrandizement compound floor or multilayer and compound floor, if be family expenses,inspect the difference of use environment, can use commonly 10 - 15 years.

Nevertheless, look from installation method, aggrandizement floor, multilayer floor and make the same score commonly buckling indoor wood floor is to belong to floor of one-time use S, because they want to be secured with nail or glue, cannot use repeatedly. And our country lustre the technology of tenon of tiger's mouth-jaws of death with particular floor,glue is avoided when indoorizing installation, avoid a hammer, avoid keel, make a floor OK disassemble repeatedly installation is used. When for instance local board encounters the accident situation such as leach, can disassemble quickly, 2 installation. If lived a few years to want to move, also can tear open the floor come down to reinstall to new home, wait for the floor that a few precious trees plant to teak, this are very important, because log is more and

more precious, the floor also can maintain value rise in value.

Look from the surface of the floor, because indoor wood floor is integral lumber, was exterior paint to damage, still can pass new burnish, paint, accomplish look brand-new.What national lustre floor uses is firm not paint, wear-resisting, be able to bear or endure scratch, exterior performance characteristics is first-rate, prolonged the service life of the floor greatly again. But multilayer cannot accomplish this with aggrandizement, if the surface became bad, the floor discarded as useless completely.

So, structure of solid woodiness ground, lock, add paint face, the service life of floor of indoor wood the heat of the earth's interior achieves Guo Zechun a few years to be no problem at all, can take the place of even acting according to legend.

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