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​Rice interviews two genius goalkeepers

Asked by lolgavip on 06/11/2018 at 9:52 PM

Udineseblog quoted a report from Milan Sports News.They recently interviewed two FIFA 18 Coins genius goalkeepers Merett and Scoutett in Udinese.The problem was after Buffon,Palin and Scheins.Who can play the main force?

Melette,who was born in 1997,and Skukufite,who was born in 1996,are both goalkeepers of the Italian U21 national team.They are considered to be the best young goalkeepers in Italy and are potential potential successors to Buffon.

Merreiter said: "The two goalkeepers I like very much,but I think that even Szczesny can play the main force because he is familiar with the environment of Juventus."

The friend who grew up with Merrell's childhood friend Skofett gave the opposite answer: "Palin's play in the past few years is worth playing for Juventus,and he is Italian,even though she's also Very good,but I think Palin has an advantage."


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