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I wish I Knew Before Starting FIFA 18

Asked by mmopm on 06/11/2018 at 12:41 AM

So by now you’ve probably fired up FIFA 18 and are eager to start busting nets and breaking ankles (figuratively speaking). If you were thinking the more things change the more they stay the same then this year’s FIFA might be a shock to the system. There are a fair few differences so make sure you’re prepared before kicking off: Here are nine things I wish I knew before starting FIFA 18.

1. To B tackle or not to B tackle

Tackling is already a hard-hitting contentious issue but those thinking the standing tackle has been made redundant should think again. Sure the animation for it is a little awkward at first but it’s far more rewarding this year.FIFA 18 Account Namely because you can use it to poke your leg in at a player whose back is turned to you and nick the ball from between the legs. No more overpowered shielding no more raging. Perfect.

2. Use the catalogue

This sounds obvious but you’ll be surprised at how many overlook it. Don’t be embarrassed: give yourself an online seasons win if you need it check out the most aggravating celebrations to wind up your opponent and definitely definitely buy those Ultimate Team coin boosts. You can thank me later.

3. Net loss

One of the strangest ‘improvements’ in this year’s FIFA is the stiff response whenever you score a goal thanks to the highly-strung net tension. The netting however can be changed under game settings. Just go to the visual tab and change the net tension to ‘Loose’. It’s not a massive improvement but it’ll make scoring a screamer that bit more satisfying if not quite as fist-pumpingly good as before.


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