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Global optical transmission network access equipment company

Asked by wangkiky on 06/06/2018 at 10:41 PM

Nokia: Nokia is an old company that we are familiar with. Since Nokia phones were sold to Microsoft, we all thought that Nokia was dead. I never expected that he would be born again and quietly return to the second place in the world.Optical Fiber Access Network, Data Communication, Server

A few days ago, Nokia Bell released an optical transmission platform that achieved 1Tbps transmission speed, which has almost reached the physical limit. Nokia's strength has been proved to be a good one by ranking second among the top ten optical transmission network access equipment companies in 2017 in the world.Optical Fiber Products ONU , OLT , ONT ,Fiber

Xunyuan Communication: Xunyuan Communications is a low-key but powerful company. The English name of Xunyuan Communications CEO has been invited by Obama to become the national security consultant of the United States. Xunyuan's English name was Ciena. If you are not an industry in China, Insiders are simply not heard of. In fact, this is a very professional optical communication company. Wavelength products are strong points.Ethernet Access and Core Switches: LAN and WAN Net


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