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​Marchisio wants to stay

Asked by lolgavip on 06/06/2018 at 10:00 PM

Marchisio's father and manager said in an interview FIFA 18 Coinsthat Marchisio has always wanted to stay in Juventus,but Juventus has made him the final choice for appearances.

Marchisio suffered a severe injury to the cruciate ligament in 2016,and this season he only got 9 league starters.Recently,it was reported that Marchisio might transfer to Monaco,but the latter's father said in an interview: "I don't know where this rumor is coming from.I'm not going to comment on it and the rumor has already been Marchisio.Brought to the rest of the world,so it's pointless to comment now.We're waiting for signals from other teams."

"He always wanted to stay in Juventus,but Juventus saw him as the final choice for midfielders.Now we look at whether the club wants to make different assessments in his future.If so,we will take The corresponding measures,and he is still Juventus players."

"We did not set a deadline for Juventus.We did not contact Juventus either because of the contract between Marchisio and Juventus.There is no new progress."


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