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​Real Madrid stops chasing after Pochertino

Asked by lolgavip on 06/03/2018 at 10:05 PM

La Liga expert Balaguet said that Real Madrid has FIFA 18 Coinsalready stopped the pursuit of Spurs coach Pochertino.

After the decision to leave the team on Tuesday in Zidane,the new Champions League Champions League saw Pocitino as the number one goal of the new coach.

However,because the Argentinian coach's contract does not contain a clause in advance of the termination of the contract,coupled with considering that may have to start a difficult transfer talks with Spurs chairman Levy.Previously in the transfer deal negotiations between Modric and Bell,Real Madrid has also seen Levi's powerful,so after comprehensive consideration,Real Madrid decided to terminate the pursuit of Pochertino.

Barrag said: "Real Madrid can look forward to signing Pochettino's many positive things.He can not only handle the relationship with the stars,but he also knows how to improve the strength of these players,and he also has with young players.Good cooperation.

"But Real Madrid also knows that they have to face negotiations with Spurs Chairman Levy for a month or more,and they have no way of guaranteeing whether they can sign the coach after the negotiations are completed.

"They all knew very well that Levy was a very tough opponent in the negotiating table.Real Madrid Chairman Florentino had contacted him in recent seasons.So they decided to suspend the signing of Pocitino's plan..

"If you insist on winning Pocitino,then Real Madrid will be in a very difficult situation,because if you do not sign Pochticino,they may not have time to consider other candidates.


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