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‚ÄčEmeri Group new coaches

Asked by lolgavip on 06/02/2018 at 9:34 PM

Emery had officially served as Arsenal's new coach FIFA 18 Coinslast week.As the saying goes,"The new official took office for three fires." No,the Spaniard's "first fire" had been "burned" yesterday: Wenger's two assistants.Coaches - clubs Steve Baldard and Jens Lehmann were fired at the same time.

The Wenger successor hopes to build the club according to his own plan,and he has also been approved by senior officials to bring his coaching staff at Paris Saint-Germain to the Emirates Stadium.As replacements for Bald and Lehmann,Juan Carlos Cassido and Pablo Villa will serve as assistant coaches for Emery.

However,although the two no longer serve as assistant coaches,the club will still find new positions for them.It is understood that Balder will serve as a middleman to help Emery adapt to the British environment and handle his relationship with the players.Lehman's new role has not yet been confirmed,but the club has guaranteed that he will stay here.In addition,the team's physical coach was replaced by Emery,and the video analyst was lucky enough to keep his job.He will join the new coaching team.

According to reports,Emery hopes that the turnover of the club staff will be completed by July,when Arsenal will play against Atletico Madrid,Chelsea and his former club Paris Saint-Germain in the preseason.


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