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​Chelsea fail to renew Gate God

Asked by lolgavip on 05/31/2018 at 9:59 PM

Chelsea's poor record this season,directly from FIFA 18 Coins the Premier League championships for the four failed position,which also makes the outside world began to worry about whether the Blues can successfully retain some of the core players in the team.Today,the concerns of the fans are likely to become a reality.The latest news from Italy's transfer expert Di Mazzio's personal website indicates that the renewal of negotiations between Chelsea and goalkeeper Kurtova has broken down.

In fact,Chelsea has already started the renewal negotiations with Kurtowa.As early as the end of last year,the Blues tried several times to update the Belgian star's contract,but both were rejected by the latter."Daily Mail" had previously said that Kurtova rejected Chelsea's new contract,he hopes his weekly salary will rise from 90,000 pounds to 200,000 pounds,which makes Chelsea unacceptable.There was even news that if Kurtova failed to renew with the Blues,he would join Liga Real Madrid in a free-form manner.

The contract between Kurtova and Chelsea will expire in 2019.That means that the time for Chelsea to renew Belgians is not much,but the renewal negotiations between the Blues and Kurtova have not moved towards Chelsea.Assumed direction of development.Di Maggio said in the report that it now appears that the negotiations between the two sides are almost close to breaking.There is no shortage of Belgians,including Real Madrid and Liverpool,who are now showing great interest in the 26-year-old Kurtova.

The scandal between Real Madrid and Kurtova is almost endless,and there are even people who believe that Kurtova's refusal to renew his contract with the Blue Army is related to Real Madrid's interest in him.Liverpool was impatient with the introduction of a high-level goalkeeper.In the Champions League final,the Reds goalkeeper Carrius became a laughing stock.Two consecutive low-level mistakes buried the Red Army's hope of winning the cup.It is reported that if Chelsea lost Kurtova,they will fully introduce Rome's popular goalkeeper Allison.

Afterwards,if Cubatta continues to play in the Premier League next season,or if it turns to La Liga,it has now been overshadowed by a cloud.In the summer of 2014,Curtwa rented out and became Chelsea's No.1 gatekeeper.Blue's meritorious goalkeeper Cech also left the team.This season,Kurtova represented Chelsea 35 times on all fronts and all started.


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