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‚ÄčKrasson Determined to stay at Everton

Asked by lolgavip on 05/29/2018 at 9:52 PM

Dutch midfielder Clason,who came to Everton for 23.5 million pounds last summer,only made 18 appearances for Everton this season.Despite this,Clason said he had FIFA 18 Coinsa home in Everton and was willing to fight for his future in Gooderson Park.

After firing Allardyce,Everton is now actively looking for a new coach.Clason said he will return to the team in July to prepare for the pre-season,to get the new coach to see.

"Overall,my experience in Everton was very good.The club was great and the people inside were very good."

"This is an ambitious club.I enjoy 100% of my time here."

"I feel like home here and I am determined to play more for the team."

The Everton player will be assembled in early July,but Krasson said he will add to it before:

"Now we are on a holiday.I will rest for a few weeks and then I will train to recover to my best physical condition."

"This is my goal and everyone's goal,so everyone will start healthy competition on the spot."

"You must be ready to play when you need it.It's not easy to be patient,but if you've been working hard,chances will come one day."

"You have to work hard and try to show yourself when you get the opportunity."


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