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​Ronaldo To prove Real Madrid stronger in the final

Asked by lolgavip on 05/28/2018 at 2:01 AM

On the media open day before the Champions League decisive battle, Cristiano Ronaldo, the top scorer of Real Madrid, was interviewed by the reporter.He talked about various topics FIFA 18 Coins such as team honor, personal status, and opponents' strength.He also believes that if he can win the Champions League title and will be recorded in history, he will also help the team prove his strength in the best possible condition.

When asked about the three consecutive championships that won the Champions League, Ronaldo replied, "That will be a historic moment.We are all full of expectations.From my personal perspective, I can win the fifth place.The Champions League trophy is simply fantastic!"

Cristiano Ronaldo also stated that according to its observations, Real Madrid's players do not seem to realize what kind of initiative they will accomplish.He said: "This is better, we can focus more on the game.If everything goes well, we can be put into history.I am very confident and I feel that my teammates are in good condition."

In addition, Real Madrid is the star that the Champions League is a very special event, with the team for the European continent to him is also a great incentive.He said: "I like to play in the Champions League.There are always some memorable things happening in this arena, and there will always be wonderful duels such as the match against Paris Saint-Germain and Juventus.You have to challenge the best team in the world.This year's Champions League was fantastic for me and I scored in every group stage."

"You have to stay motivated.You can't relax at a club like Real Madrid, not to mention the Champions League.From the days of Gento and Di Stefano, Real Madrid started to participate.This is a race.For me, being able to participate in it is also a driving force," he added.


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