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Nickel pig iron supply gradually increased

Asked by wangkiky on 05/17/2018 at 1:20 AM

Nickel pig iron supply has exceeded 40,000 tons in April, and will exceed 40,000 tons in the next few months, and will gradually increase production. Stainless steel production, especially the 300 series, is expected to reduce output, and nickel-iron-stainless steel is an advantageous industry. Risk, attention should be paid to whether the 300 series stainless steel that started rising in early May is sustainable. If it is not available, the industry will send a bearish signal, superimposing nickel sulphate and battery-side negatives, then the price of nickel may be tested downwards by USD 13,000/ton; if With sustainable rises, the nickel price range oscillated between 13500 and 14,000 U.S. dollars per sus304 stainless steel plate 3mm thickness

At the end of April, China's 300-series stainless steel inventories output was higher than the 25% that remained, which was close to the peak position that had occurred in the past few years, implying that the pressure on stocks was still large and could only wait for the 300-series to reduce production to inventory, so that supply and demand would return to balance.Galvanized Steel Coil Mild Steel Plate Sinbad Trading Ltd

In April, the 300-series stainless steel market in China was in full loss, and steel mills with high profitability also suffered losses. Therefore, some steel mills arranged a slight reduction in May, and it is expected that the output of 300-series stainless steel will maintain a slight decrease month by month from May to June.310S precio de fábrica de la placa de acero inoxidable

However, whether the production of 300-series stainless steel in May-June will be expected to decrease as SMM is concerned needs to pay attention to two points. 1) Whether the price increase of stainless steel is sustainable in early May. 2) The price of high-carbon ferrochromium, one of stainless steel raw materials, has dropped back.Aisi 2B superficie 304 precio de la bobina de acero inoxidable


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