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Vaadin 7 Navigator Logout Conundrum

Asked by JesseVoss on 05/16/2018 at 1:20 AM

Hi there,

Here is what I want to do, a pretty standard pattern I would think. Have 2 views -- a "Login" view and then a "Main" view that is the basic application. I have the 2 views and I think everything is going ok there .. this uses the V7 Tutorial on Navigator/login etc.The issue is the logout part .. I have a menu option for a logout. What I want to happen is to clean up all current resources and "restart" the -- well -- that's the question -- restart everything just as if they come to the URI the first time. WIth a clean session, UI, etc.I've tried all sorts of combinations of navigating back to the LoginView then closing the UI (UI.close()) and/or closing the session (getSession().close()) .But everything has issues.. either I get some nasty stack traces -- errors/warning about resources not being released -- No UI provider for the request or whatever...I've tried just about every combination I could think of -- and nothing is right.How do I implement a "clean" Logout from within the MainView -- that "starts over" again with a new session/UI etc. and the LoginView ?

Any suggestions?

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