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How to Perform Head Cleaning of HP Printers?

Asked by lillian on 05/15/2018 at 5:01 AM

Print head is a very important part of printer, as it is responsible for spraying ink on the paper for printing, without it one will not be able to get any printout. When we atop using our printer for some time, the ink inside the print head dry out and clog the nozzles. HP allows you to clean the print head through control Panel:

  • •Load the correct paper into the input tray of your HP machine.
  • •After that, press and hold the power button.
  • •Then press the cancel button two times.
  • •Following this, you need to press the resume button only once.
  • •Then lastly, release the power button.

In case, this method doesn’t unclog the print head then you will need to take help from real technicians of 08081782624 HP Printer Support Number UK to perform manual cleaning.


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