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java tutorial with examples

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Interview questions on java

Interview questions on main
Interview questions on final
Interview questions on constructor
Interview questions on access modifiers
Interview questions on method overloading
Interview questions on method overriding
Interview questions on inheritance
Interview questions on interface
Interview questions on abstract class
Interview questions on array
Interview questions on string handling
Interview questions on exception handling
Interview questions on multithreading
Interview questions on collections
Interview questions on Servlet
Interview questions on JSP
Interview questions on Struts
Interview questions on JSF
Interview questions on Hibernate
Interview questions on Javamail
Interview questions on Quartz
Interview questions on JDBC
Interview questions on SQL
Interview questions on generics
Interview questions on JUnit
Interview questions on Log4j
Interview questions on JavaScript
Interview questions on PLSQL

TypeScript Overview.
Typescript vs Javascript.
Typescript let vs var.
TypeScript Hello World.
Typescript Data Types.
Typescript Variable Declaration.
TypeScript operators list.
TypeScript Arithmetic Operators.
TypeScript Comparison Operators.
TypeScript Bitwise Operators.
Typescript Logical Operators.
TypeScript Assignment Operators.
Typescript Conditional Operator.
Typescript String Operator.
Typescript typeof Operator.
TypeScript control statements.
TypeScript Switch Statement.
TypeScript for loop.
TypeScript for in loop.
TypeScript while loop.
TypeScript do while loop.
Typescript for loop break.
TypeScript for loop continue.
Typescript function.
Typescript returning function.
Typescript parameterized function.
Typescript function optional parameter.
Typescript rest parameters.
Typescript default parameters.
Typescript anonymous function.
Typescript function constructor.
Typescript Arrow/Lambda function.
Typescript function overloading.
TypeScript number object.
TypeScript string object.
TypeScript boolean object.
TypeScript date object.
TypeScript math object.
TypeScript array object.
TypeScript tuples.
TypeScript union type.
TypeScript interface.
TypeScript interface inheritance.
TypeScript interface multiple inheritance.
TypeScript class.
Typescript class inheritance.
Typescript class interface.
TypeScript abstract class.
TypeScript object.
TypeScript duck typing.
TypeScript NameSpace.
TypeScript Multi-file namespaces.
TypeScript module.
TypeScript ambient module.

Java interview questions

why java is platform independent and jvm is platform dependent?

List any five features of java?

What all memory areas are allocated by JVM?

What is difference between JDK, JRE and JVM?

What is javac?

Why java is not 100 object oriented language?

What is the base class of all classes in java?

What gives java its write once and run anywhere nature?

What is classloader in java?

Is empty .java file name a valid source file name?

Can we overload main() method in java?

Can we declare main() method as private or protected or with no access modifier?

Can we declare main method as non static in java?

Why main() method must be static?

Can we change return type of main() method?

Can we run java class without main() method?

Difference between Object Oriented Programming and Procedural Programming.

Difference between Object Oriented and Object based language.

What is class in java?

What is object in java?

How to open a notepad in java?

What is constructor?

Why default constructor is used?

Does constructor return any value in java?

Is constructor inherited in java?

Can you make a constructor final in java?

Difference between constructor and method in java?

How to copy values from one object to another java?

How to overload constructor in java?

can you create an object without using new operator in java?

What is constructor chaining in java?

Why we use parameterized constructor in java?

Can we call subclass constructor from superclass constructor?

What happens if you keep return type for a constructor?

What is the use of private constructor in java?

Can a constructor call another constructor java?

What is static variable in java?

What is static method in java?

What is static block in java?

What is this in java?

What is aggregation in java?

What is inheritance in java?

Why inheritance is used in java?

What are the types of inheritance in java?

Why multiple inheritance is not supported in java?

How to implement multiple inheritance in java?

Are interfaces also inherited from Object class?

Why an interface cannot have constructor in java?

How do you restrict a member of a class from inheriting to it’s sub classes?

Can a class extend itself in java?

Are constructors inherited in java?

What happens if both superclass and subclass have a field with same name?

Are static members inherited to subclasses in java?

what are access modifiers in java?

What are different types of access modifiers in java?

What are non access modifiers in java?

Can we use abstract and final both with a method?

Can abstract class have final methods in java?

Can we declare a class as private in java?

Can we declare an abstract method as private?

Can we declare a class as protected in java?

what is final in java?

What is final variable in java?

What is final method in java?

What is final class in java?

What is blank final variable in java?

What is static blank final variable in java?

What is final parameter in java?

Can we initialize blank final variable in java?

Can we declare the main method as final?

What is the use of final keyword in java?

Can we change the state of an object to which a final reference variable is pointing?

Difference between abstract method and final method in java?

What is the use of final class in java?

Can we change the value of an interface field?

Can we declare constructor as final in java?

What is runtime polymorphism in java?

Can we achieve runtime polymorphism by data members?

What is the difference between static binding and dynamic binding in java?

What is abstraction in java?

What is the difference between abstraction and encapsulation?

What is encapsulation in java?

What is polymorphism in java?

Are true and false keywords in java?

Can we declare local inner class as private?

Is “abc” a primitive value?

Can array size be negative in java?

What is the priority of garbage collector thread?

Is map collection in java?

Which package is always imported by default?

Can a class implement two interfaces with the same method signature?

Can you declare an interface method static in java?

Which one is faster among string stringbuffer and stringbuilder?

What is method overloading in java?

Can we declare an overloaded method as static and another one as non-static?

Can overloaded methods be synchronized?

Can we declare overloaded methods as final?

Can overloaded method be overridden?

What is method overriding in java?

Can static method be overridden?

Difference between method overloading and overriding in java?

Can we override private methods in java?

Is it possible to override non static method as static method?

What is interface in java?

Can we declare an interface method static in java?

Can an interface be declared final in java?

What is marker interface?

How to create custom marker interface?

What is difference between abstract class and interface in java?

What is abstract class in java?

Why abstract class is used in java?

Can abstract class have constructors in java?

Can abstract class be final in java?

Can we declare local inner class as abstract?

what is an exception?

How the exceptions are handled in java?

What is the difference between error and exception in java?

Can we keep other statements in between try catch and finally blocks?

Explain the exception hierarchy in java?

What are runtime exceptions in java?

What is outofmemoryerror in java?

What are checked and unchecked exceptions in java?

What is the difference between classnotfoundexception and noclassdeffounderror in java?

Will finally block get executed if return?

Can we throw an exception without throws?

What is rethrowing an exception in java?

What is the use of throws keyword in java?

What is exception propagation in java?

Difference between throw and throws in java?

What is finally in java?

What is the difference between final finally and finalize in java?

How to create customized exceptions in java?

What is classcastexception in java?

What is stackoverflowerror in java?

What is the superclass of all exception classes?

What is the use of printstacktrace method in java?

Why string objects are immutable in java?

How many ways we can create the string object?

Why java uses the concept of string literal?

What is the basic difference between string and stringbuffer object in java?

What is the difference between stringbuffer and stringbuilder class in java?

How to create immutable class in java?

What is the purpose of toString() method in java?

Is string a keyword in java?

Is string a primitive type or derived type?

What is string constant pool in java?

What are mutable and immutable objects in java?

What is string intern in java?

Can we call string class methods using string literals?

What is arraystoreexception in java?

Can we change array size in java?

What is an anonymous array in java?

Difference between array and arraylist in java?

What are jagged arrays in java?

What is multithreading?

Difference between process and thread in java?

What is thread in java?

What is the difference between preemptive scheduling and time slicing?

What is join method in java?

What is the difference between sleep and yield method?

Is it possible to start a thread twice in java?

Can we call run method directly in java?

What is daemon threads in java?

Can we make the user thread as daemon thread if thread is started?

What is synchronization?

What is synchronized block in java?

What is synchronized method in java?

What is static synchronization in java?

What is deadlock in java?

What is starvation in java?

What is the difference between arraylist and vector in java?

What is the difference between arraylist and linkedlist?

What is the difference between Iterator and ListIterator?

What is the difference between Iterator and Enumeration?

what is the difference between list and set in java?

what is the difference between set and map in java?

what is the difference between hashset and treeset in java?

what is the difference between hashset and hashmap in java?

what is the difference between hashmap and treemap in java?

what is the difference between hashmap and hashtable in java?

what is the difference between collection and collections in java?

what is the difference between comparable and comparator interfaces?

what is the hashcode method in java?

What is garbage collection in java?

What is garbage collector in java?

What is gc() in java?

What is finalize() method in java?

Can an unreferenced objects be referenced again in java?

What kind of thread is the garbage collector thread in java?

what is serialization in java?

what is Deserialization in java?

What is transient keyword?

Online Quiz Test

Online quiz on Data Types

Online quiz on Variables

Online quiz on OOps

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Online quiz on Array

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Java search algorithm

Java linear search program

Java linear search program using recursion

Java binary search program

Java binarysearch program using recursion

Java sorting algorithms

Java bubble sort algorithm

Java selection sort algorithm

Java insertion sort algorithm

Java quick sort algorithm

Java merge sort algorithm

Java stack tutorial/a>

Java stack implementation

Java dynamic stack implementation

Java generic stack implementation

Java reverse a string using stack

Java delimiter matching using stack

Java convert a decimal number to binary using stack

Java towers of hanoi stack implementation

Java Queue tutorial

Java queue implementation

Java dynamic queue implementation

Java deque implementation

Java deque implementation using doubly linked list

Java PriorityQueue implementation

Java linked list tutorial

Java singly linked list tutorial

Java doubly linked list tutorial

Web services overview.
Java soap web services.
Java restful web services.
Soap vs rest web services.
Jax-ws web service.
Jax-ws web service rpc style.
Jax-ws web service document style.
Jax-rs hello world jersey example.
Jax rs uri matching example.
Jax-rs path multiple parameters example.
Jax-rs matrix parameters example.
Jax-rs form parameters example.
Jax-rs file upload example.
Jax-rs file download example.

Bootstrap package tutorial.
Bootstrap CDN link tutorial.
Create First Web Page With Bootstrap.
Bootstrap Grid System tutorial.
Bootstrap grid equal columns example.
Bootstrap grid unequal columns example.
Bootstrap Jumbotron tutorial.
Bootstrap Page Header Tutorial.
Bootstrap Well tutorial.
Bootstrap Alert Tutorial.
Bootstrap Alert Link Tutorial.
Bootstrap Closing Alerts tutorial.
Bootstrap Animated Alerts Tutorial.
Bootstrap Buttons Style Tutorial.
Bootstrap Buttons Size Tutorial.
Bootstrap Block Level Buttons tutorial.
Bootstrap Buttons States Tutorial.
Bootstrap Button Groups Tutorial.
Bootstrap Vertical Button Groups tutorial.
Bootstrap Justified Button Groups Tutorial.
Bootstrap Nesting Button Groups Tutorial.
Bootstrap Split Button Dropdowns tutorial.
Bootstrap Badges Tutorial.
Bootstrap Contextual Badges Tutorial.
Bootstrap Pill Badges tutorial.
Bootstrap Labels Tutorial.
Bootstrap Contextual Labels Tutorial.
Bootstrap Basic Progress Bar tutorial.
Bootstrap Progress Bar With Label Tutorial.
Bootstrap Colored Progress Bars Tutorial.
Bootstrap Striped Progress Bars Tutorial.
Bootstrap Animated Progress Bars tutorial.
Bootstrap Stacked Progress Bars Tutorial.
Bootstrap Pagination Tutorial.
Bootstrap Pagination – Active State.
Bootstrap Pagination – Disabled State.
Bootstrap Pagination – Sizing Tutorial.
Bootstrap Pagination Breadcrumbs Tutorial.
Bootstrap Pager Tutorial.
Bootstrap Align Buttons tutorial.
Bootstrap Basic List Group Tutorial.
Bootstrap List Group With Badges Tutorial.
Bootstrap List Group With Linked Items.
Bootstrap Active Item in a List Group.
Bootstrap Disabled Item in a List Group.
Bootstrap Group Contextual Classes.
Bootstrap Basic Panel Tutorial.
Bootstrap Panel Heading tutorial.
Bootstrap Panel Footer Tutorial.
Bootstrap Panel Group Tutorial.
Bootstrap Panels with Contextual Classes.
Bootstrap Glyphicon Tutorial.
Bootstrap Dropdowns Tutorial.
Bootstrap Dropdowns Divider tutorial.
Bootstrap Dropdowns Header Tutorial.
Bootstrap Dropdowns Active items.
Bootstrap Dropdowns Disable items.
Bootstrap Dropdowns Position Tutorial.
Bootstrap Dropup Tutorial.
Bootstrap Simple Collapsible items.
Bootstrap Collapsible Panel Tutorial.
Bootstrap Collapsible List Group.
Bootstrap Vertical Form items.
Bootstrap Inline Form.
Bootstrap Horizontal Form.

JPA Overview.
JPA Architecture tutorial.
JPA Persistence Unit.
JPA Entity Annotation.
JPA id annotation.
JPA GeneratedValue annotation.
JPA SequenceGenerator annotation.
JPA TableGenerator annotation.
JPA Embeddable annotation.
JPA EmbeddableId annotation.
JPA Table annotation.
JPA column annotation.
JPA Transient annotation.
JPA Temporal annotation.
JPA OneToOne annotation.
JPA OneToMany annotation.
JPA ManyToOne annotation.
JPA ManyToMany annotation.
JPA NamedQuery and NamedQueries annotations.
JPA NamedNativeQuery and NamedNativeQueries annotations.

Angularjs architecture overview.

Angularjs directives example.
Angularjs custom directives example.
Angularjs hello world example.
Angularjs expression example.
Angularjs two way data binding example.
AngularJs controller example.
Angularjs mvc framework example.
Angularjs filter example.
Angularjs custom filters example.
Angularjs include html page example.
Angularjs events example.
Angularjs dom manipulation example.
Angularjs scope example.
Angularjs scope multiple controllers example.
Angularjs scope inheritance example.
Angularjs rootscope example.
Angularjs (ng-table) table example.
Angularjs table sorting example.
Angularjs get table row index example.
Angularjs modules example.
Angularjs add controller to module example.
Angularjs add directive to module example.
Angularjs form example.
Angularjs form validation example.
Angularjs custom validations example.
Angularjs custom service example.
Angularjs ajax http call example.
Angularjs routing example.
Angularjs ajax http call example.
Angularjs dependency injection example.
Angularjs internationalization example.

PLSQL Interview Questions and Answers.

How to create a procedure?

How to execute stored procedure?

How to drop stored procedure?

How to create a function?

How to execute a function?

How to drop a function?

What is Context area?

How to use explicit cursor?

How to declare a cursor?

How to fetch a cursor?

How to close a cursor?

Oracle pl sql introduction.
Oracle pl sql variable.
Oracle pl sql constants and literals.
Oracle pl sql hello world program.
Oracle pl sql if else if statement.
Oracle pl sql switch case statement.
Oracle pl sql loop exit when.
Oracle pl sql while loop.
Oracle pl sql for in loop.
Oracle pl sql continue statement.
Oracle pl sql loop label.
Oracle pl sql goto statement.
Oracle pl sql stored procedure.
Oracle pl sql function.
Oracle pl sql implicit, explicit cursor.
Oracle pl sql exception handling.
Oracle pl sql triggers.
Oracle pl sql package.
PLSQL Interview Questions and Answers.

Ajax tutorial

Ajax tutorial

How ajax works?

Ajax xmlhttprequest tutorial

Ajax http request

Ajax http response

Ajax http response headers

Ajax get vs post

Ajax synchronous vs asynchronous

Ajax hello world program

Ajax JSP example

Ajax XML example

XML parser overview.

Java DOM XML parser.
DOM XML parser to parse XML file.
DOM XML parser to create xml file.
DOM XML parser to modify xml file.
DOM XML parser to count xml file elements.
SAX XML parser.
Stax XML parser.
StAX XMLEventReader example.
StAX XMLEventWriter example.
StAX XMLStreamReader example.
StAX XMLStreamWriter example.

Java Javascript tutorial:

Javascript overview tutorial.

Javascript syntax tutorial.

Javascript example programs code.

Javascript comment tutorial.

Javascript data types and variable scope tutorial.

Javascript operators tutorial.

Javascript arithmetic operators.

Javascript comparison operators.

Javascript bitwise operators.

Javascript logical operators.

Javascript assignment operators.

Javascript special operators.

Javascript control statements tutorial.

Javascript switch statement tutorial.

Javascript for loop tutorial.

Javascript for in loop tutorial.

Javascript while loop tutorial.

Javascript do while loop tutorial.

Javascript for loop break tutorial.

Javascript for loop continue tutorial.

Javascript function tutorial.

Javascript object tutorial:

Javascript object tutorial with examples.

Javascript object example.

Javascript number object example.

Javascript boolean object example.

Javascript string object example.

Javascript array object example.

Javascript date object example.

Javascript math object example.

Javascript events tutorial:

Javascript events example.