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What is wrong with players ego?

Asked by LarryWalker on 04/25/2018 at 7:06 AM


Id like to ask you, in a cardgame where you win about 50% of the time. And a 25min game gives the same amount of stars/rank as a 3min game. Would it not make sense to play short games as opposed to long games?When I have a win this turn, i take the shortest route. If i need to do 4 dmg to win the game, and i got a action available to me that is dealing 4 dmg or more, i do this one action. I dont use all my cards and mana balls before this action.BUT when i am the one on the loosing end, its the opposite, players use all of their mana, or power and try to use as many cards as possible, and even wait for the rope timer to finish the game and win. Its like they enjoy the moment just before they win so much they don't want it to end.And I ask you why? why stall it?

Please help.

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