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​I never solved this problem before

Asked by lolgavip on 04/10/2018 at 9:43 PM

Lakers guard Isiah Thomas was interviewed. He had undergone NBA Live Coinship surgery before and will miss all the rest of the season. He is expected to recover for four months.

"I feel better every day. I can do more, start rehabilitation, and surgery is very successful. I am happy about it. I am ready to embark on the road to recovery." Thomas said.

Little Thomas went on to say: "I've had to explore more options before because I have sore hips. I've been playing, but my hips are sore and the sore condition hasn't been good. I want to get some choices from the doctor from last summer to During the regular season, I feel that this is the right decision to solve this problem. I have never solved this problem before. I just let the buttocks heal. I think I have done my best as far as possible, and now the problem is solved, moving towards 100. % resumed."


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