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​Haishuai Lewan could not go to Real Madrid

Asked by lolgavip on 04/03/2018 at 9:36 PM

In the pre-race conference with the UEFA Champions League against Sevilla, Haishuai insisted Lewan's future was in Bayern. He said: "The chairman Rummenigge has been FIFA Coins overstated and Lewann will never be able to transfer to Real Madrid."

He also talked about Roberti's future. Both Bayern's contracts will expire at the end of the season. "I have my own opinion of Robben and Ribery. I will also propose my advice to the club. The club will determine their future when appropriate."

Heyncks also praised the recent performance of Khames Rodriguez: "Of course, I met Khames before he came to Bayern. When I took over the team last fall, his physical condition It's not very good, but now it's completely different, he can be said to be in good shape.I don't know what the specific lease agreement is, but he is now well integrated into the team.He will definitely stay next season. In the team."