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​Final Fantasy XIV Patch 4.25 Introduces a new Land, New Weapons, and more

Asked by sheliasmithson on 03/28/2018 at 3:31 AM

Final Fantasy XIV players are in to get a treat right now, as Square Enix has announced that the 4.25 patch is officially out right now, inviting players to buy FFXIV Gil explore the untamed land of Eurkea. Not just will players have the ability to jump in and explore a new land, but the new patch will also deliver players with new battle elements, additional potent weapons, and far more.

In accordance with Square Enix, the mysterious land of Eureka Anemos is definitely an unexplored area that options continuously shifting components that will challenge players at every turn. Ahead of they can genuinely jump in and conquer the land, players will have to master new battle elements and improve new weapons to make confident they're ready. The patch will also introduce the newest chapter in the adventures of HIldibrand, as well because the seventh season in the Feat PvP.

For any additional in-depth look at what's available in the new patch, verify out some options from it beneath:

Field Area-Style Gameplay: As much as 144 players may perhaps occupy a single instance. Players are encouraged to group up with fellow adventurers to hunt notorious monsters and operate towards typical targets.
Player Progression: Players will gain elemental EXP to strengthen their capacity to harness the elements, but will require to become careful. Death in Eureka will see EXP and in some cases levels lost if they rashly rush in.
Altered Battle Mechanics: Further tactic is necessary in battle by way of an element system, in which players will have to make use of the Magia Board to modify the element affinity of their attack to oppose their enemy's. Players will customize their Magia Board's elemental attributes, and need to carefully think about their setup depending on the goal in the adventure.
Rewards: Players will occasionally earn protean crystals by way of exploration of Eureka, and may use them to boost Eureka weapons and gear using the help in the famed blacksmith, Gerolt.

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