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steel sheet

Asked by hejian on 03/28/2018 at 2:34 AM

1, often cleaning, wipe more

Often keep stainless steel cabinet door Bu Shuang. Light open the light off the door, the door hinge regularly on the oil can extend the service life of stainless steel cabinets. If the house humidity is too high, you need to install a dehumidifier in the kitchen to keep the stainless steel cabinets dry and prevent deformation.Martensite chromium-nickel stainless steel

2, prohibit the cleaning of chemicals

Crystal door and paint door because of bright colors, loved by many families. These doors in the cleaning, disable the collision of hard objects, friction door surface, the prohibition of the use of chemicals (such as Tianlai water, ketone, etc.) as a cleaning agent.Stainless steel demand into the rapid growth period

3, from time to time waxing

Installation of glass sliding doors or wooden sliding door, in case of tight sliding doors or serious wear, can be handled as follows: In the pull-down slot, dropping some wax.SUS444 stainless steel pipe exporters

4, pay attention to indoor ventilation

Spring and winter, pay attention to indoor ventilation, maintain indoor humidity, so that the stainless steel door at normal room temperature and humidity, to prevent the stainless steel products due to wet, excessive temperature deformation.Stainless steel products gauge series