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​I am very happy to see that Argentina has not called Dybala

Asked by lolgavip on 03/25/2018 at 10:04 PM

Italian goalkeeper Buffon received FIFA Coinsan Italian-language interview on the Italian TyC television station in Italian after the game. For the unsuccessful selection of Di Barra, Buffon also had his own opinion.

"As a Juventus teammate, I'm very happy to see that Sam Pouli has not called Dybala. But I also know that for players like Dybala, this moment of time is: This hurts self-esteem. I believe as long as he can After Juve played well for the next two months, he will be able to enter the World Cup roster, and we will be very happy. We will have the best of both worlds.

For today's game, Buffon said:

"I think today's game is very interesting, whether it is for us or Argentina. Some of my performances today do prove that Argentina's victory is indisputable. But at 0-0 and 0-1, we also have opportunity."

"Argentine is strong. We are still rebuilding. It is also our current Italy and the strongest Italy in history. Or is it worse? But Argentina is also a very strong opponent and their coach is very good. For me, Argentina is a hot spot for the World Cup. There are Brazil, Spain and Germany."


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