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LONDON Comprar Air Force One Low Mujer , March 27 (Xinhua) -- The classrooms of thousands of schools across Britain became a new battleground Sunday when civic leaders of the organisation representing local town and city councils attacked the biggest ever education shake-up.

Their attack came less than 24 hours after the country's biggest trade union representing teachers, the NUT, decided to ballot its members on possible strike action over the "classroom revolution."

Saturday also saw Education Secretary Nicky Morgan jeered as she addressed a meeting of the other main teacher's union, the NASUWT, that the government would not be reversing its controversial plans that would affect around 16,000 schools.

Since the days of Queen Victoria in the 1800s most junior and high schools have come under the control of local education authorities.

That will change under plans by the Conservative government who want every school to be a self-rule academy by the early 2020s.

The leaders of the National Government Association Comprar Air Force One Low Hombre , the body representing hundreds of local councils, laid down their opposition Sunday in a joint letter to The Observer newspaper.

Condemning the plans, the letter was signed by four councillors who lead the main groups on the LGS, David Hodge, leader of the Conservative Group, Nick Forbes Comprar Air Force One Low , leader of the Labour Group, Marianne Overton, leader of the Independent Group and Gerald Vernon-Jackson, who leads the Liberal Democrat Group.

They say: "The wholesale removal of democratically elected councils from all aspects of local education, to be replaced by unelected and remote civil servants, has rightly raised serious questions around local needs and local accountability."

They say there is no evidence academy schools perform better than council maintained schools. Around 85 percent of primary schools (for children aged 4 to 11) are council run Comprar Air Force One High Mujer , and of those 82 percent have been rated good or excellent by the national schools inspectorate, Ofsted.

"Where a school is failing, there is no question action must be taken, but converting every school to an academy will not tackle these issues," say the four leaders. "Forcing the change upon every school goes against, in many cases Comprar Air Force One High Hombre , what parents and teachers want, and there will be a large financial implication for local authorities at a time when communities are already suffering the impact of significant budget cuts."

They close their letter we a plea to the government, saying "We urge the government to listen to the concerns of families, teachers, politicians and experts and rethink the proposals."

Morgan was the first Conservative education chief to address to NASUWT conference for 20 years. During her speech she said the government plans would put control over schools into the hands of headteachers and teachers.

China's coal workers to face mass layoffs

China's campaign to slim down its bloated industries could be derailed by more than $1.5 trillion of debt in its steel, coal Comprar Air Force One High , cement and non-ferrous metal sectors, which threatens to overwhelm local banks.

Tackling industrial overcapacity has become a priority for Beijing to make its slowing economy more efficient and address a supply glut that has hammered coal and steel prices.

China is providing more than 100 billion yuan ($15 billion) in the next two years to handle layoffs from coal and steel, but that will only be made available once debts have been settled.

Critics say there is no clear mechanism for tackling the debt burden, which will put huge strain on the weakest sections of the banking sector.

The debt figures, revealed in papers submitted to China’s parliament this month, highlight the dilemma facing state firms grappling with surplus capacity and how difficult it will be to pull off this central plank of Beijing's economic reform plans.

Costs for the estimated 1.3 million coal-sector layoffs alone are as much as 195 billion yuan Comprar Air Force One Flyknit Low Mujer , and coal industry delegates attending parliament urged government to provide more support to deal with the mounting debts of hundreds of stricken "zombie" firms.

The four sectors targeted in the battle against overcapacity owe around 10.2 trillion yuan, according to documents submitted to parliament by Wang Mingsheng, head of Anhui-based coal firm Huaibei Mining.

China's statistics bureau puts coal and steel debts alone at 8 trillion yuan, of which about a third is bank debt.

If 20 percent of that were to go bad in 2016, which industry analysts say is not unrealistic, it would raise Chinese banks’ non-performing loans by nearly half.

Bankers say city and regional banks set up by party or provincial government officials are most exposed Comprar Air Force One Flyknit Low Hombre , and that official NPLs, which already doubled last year, underestimate the scale of their problem lending.

"China needs to set up a new organisation, a special bank just to take over these debts in order to avoid the local banks going bankrupt," said steel industry consultant Xu Zhongbo.

China's banking regulator didn't return a request for comment, though earlier in March sent notices to joint-stock banks and city commercial lenders to boost risk assessment and collateral valuations to control exposure to industries suffering overcapacity.

A lawyer who handles steel industry non-performing loans for mid-sized Chinese banks said: “Banks' fear is not without reason. The steel sector’s continued slump increases the difficulty of disposing of outstanding non-performing loans."


As well as seeking cuts in value-added tax and relief from expensive "social functions" like healthcare and education Comprar Air Force One Flyknit Low , the coal delegates urged government to provide additional funding and policy support, and establish "debt-to-equity" mechanisms to handle the problem.

"Because the mechanisms and related policies for state-owned firms exiting the market are not complet

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