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Wholesale Yeti Cups On Sale

Asked by Abildromfor on 02/07/2018 at 7:29 PM

Whose Yeti got “smashed by a golf ball”. In all honesty though, you shouldn’t have a problem with dents as long as you treat it like a normal aluminum mug.If it’s hard to tell from the photos, a truck lit on fire and the only thing left in the remains was, you guessed it, a Wholesale Yeti. Look in the top right photo and you’ll even see that it still had ice!While this story is from the internet, it does go to show just how well this thing holds ice – and holds up in fire.

The standard Wholesale Yeti Cups with a clear plastic lid that has two holes: one for drinking and the other for letting air in. Unlike other tumbler brands, however, it doesn’t come with the option of getting a lid without holes. Luckily there’s a solution. 3rd party sellers have begun selling Yeti tumbler lids that seal completely. This not only makes it harder to spill, but it also keeps drinks cold or hot for longer.

The Yeti Cups On Sale has exploded in the past few years and has become synonymous with durability and quality.While their whole line of coolers, tumblers, and insulated bags are known to be top-of-the-line, they’re also notorious for being some of the most expensive products.If you’ve known somebody with a Yeti product, they’ve probably said to you, “My Yeti will keep water colder than anything else available”, and today, we’ll put that claim to the test.

Yeti also manufactures several attachments like handles, straws, and alternative holders. The Wholesale Yeti Tumblers has lived up to the hype in all of our tests. Using it for a week, it’s easy to say that it is indeed one of the best insulated tumblers available today. While it may be expensive, it is surely an investment that’s made to last.


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