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Billet prices affected by the decline in futures

Asked by wangkiky on 02/06/2018 at 11:21 PM

Affected by the fall of futures, billet prices in Tangshan District 2811 yuan lift the lock, down to 2750 yuan, and later transferred to 2740 yuan. Futures under the influence of monetary policy, the single-day plunge, but to the post-holiday trend played a good role. This day's price squeeze squeezed a large part of the pre-holiday period departure from the product of the price difference in the period, making the futures spot prices more reasonable.High quality ASTM JIS AISI 201 304 weldel stainless steel tube

This week's futures experienced a plunge on February 3 and gradually came out of the repair market, driving the spot price slightly higher. As most of the steel traders, steel mills have been working this week, and the market optimism is more concentrated, steel traders ordered high enthusiasm, steel sales performance is better. Lanzhou Iron and Steel Network focus on tracking Shanxi Province, the total inventory of 17 spiral steel mills reached 80.1 million tons, down from the first day of the first month of about 50,000 tons, affected by the weather, mainly the decline in wire stocks, rebar inventories still Growing.Tubo de acero inoxidable Foshan fábrica de 28 mm de diámetro 304 para bangladesh

The total stock of helical coils in seven steel mills in Shandong reached 290,000 tons, down nearly 100,000 tons from the first day of the first month. The inventories of the six wire and steel mills in Wuan area totaled 310,000 tons, down 7 from the beginning of the first month Tons of tons. Daily average sales volume of plate steel mills in Tianjin-Hebei-Shandong-Henan-Henan region reached 70,000 tons per day, a huge increase from the pre-holiday level. Basically, other regions are similar, especially in the southern part of the country. Steel mills are doing well in sales and ex-works prices of steel mills have risen repeatedly.Factory Price Seamless Stainless Steel Pipe 304

This Friday, billet prices in Tangshan rose to 2920 yuan, up 180 yuan from the previous days' lows, up 110 yuan over the holidays. All over the country, all varieties of steel, especially the construction steel ex-factory prices have shown varying degrees of increase, of which the largest wire rod prices. Sales of hot steel mills, prices continued to rise, but also led to higher market prices. Although the basic has not yet sold, and follow-up there is a larger amount of resources to arrive, the stock market of steel products, there are at least half a month of growth, but the market business confidence, dare to actively follow up.AISI factory price wholesale bright 301 stainless steel hydrogen annealed wire


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