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Alabama stun Georgia for fifth

Asked by lucyweiweiwei on 01/11/2018 at 4:31 AM

Alabama stun Georgia for fifth In Thailand, bony little boys as young as nine and 10 are thrown into the boxing ring to punch each other into bloody submission while parents, relatives and other screaming adults bet on the outcome. Youth sports or child abuse? While most Americans feel outrage and revulsion at the idea, as a culture we are just as willing to toss our college-age kids into the gladiatorial arena to risk life and limb while we snack, guzzle and Justin Patton Youth jersey wager on the outcome. All while compensating the young athletes who are at risk with – relative to the money being made by sports barons – about the same as little kids we used to send into coal mines earned: a few coins and lots of chronic ailments. Sound too social justice warrior hyperbolic? During the three weeks of March Madness basketball last year, the NCAA earned $900m dollars while $9.2bn was gambled on the outcome. The players banging it out on the courts earned zip. Nada. Nothing. Men's Nike Los Angeles Chargers #97 Jeremiah Attaochu Limited Navy Blue Tank Top Suit NFL JerseyI’ve been writing about this issue for several years now calling for college athletes to be paid the wages that they deserve and am sad to acknowledge that very little has changed since I was a college athlete at UCLA, so poor that I and most of my teammates could barely scrape by. But just as with every injustice, wrongs don’t get righted unless we keep raising our voices again Authentic Andre Hal Jersey and again. So, once more unto the breach, dear friends, once more. Men's Adidas Cleveland Cavaliers #99 Jae Crowder Swingman White Home NBA JerseyFor those of you who think the life of a college athlete is all glitter and glamour, you couldn’t be more wrong. If you came to college from a family with money than you were fine, but if you came on an athletic scholarship from blue-collar working families, then it was tough going. It wasn’t hairshirts and gruel, but it wasn’t nightly yacht parties and frat keggers either. It was mostly holing up in the dorms at night because you couldn’t afford to go out and you needed a lot of rest after punishing practices. There’s nothing wrong with living lean as a college student: it keeps you focused on your studies and teaches you discipline David Johnson Womens Jersey and the joys of being frugal. However, athletes must focus on their studies while also working a more than full-time job in the gym. Playing basketball at UCLA was a seven-days-a-week job, involving intense practices, learning new plays, playing home games, and traveling around the country Authentic Randall Cunningham Jersey to compete against other schools. Our efforts earned millions of dollars for the university, both in cash and in recruiting advertisement to attract new students. But I was generally too poor to do anything but study, practice and play. The little spending money I managed to scrape together was earned on summer jobs. That money had to get me through the whole academic year. It was frustrating to win championship after championship every year, hear thousands chant my name, and then go to my bedroom to count my change so I could buy a burger.,101681


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