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A convenient way to soak the floor in water

Asked by wangkiky on 01/05/2018 at 8:23 PM

In life, not careful to drop weight, the sharp instrument fall on wood floor or the sole has sand grain to walk on wooden floor, will differ degree to the floor surface scratches, destroy floor surface paint Outdoor Waterproof WPC Deck Agents In Malaysia ; Owners should guard against the future, suggest the user inside the indoor door or indoor place a carpet to prevent the sand from the shoe to bring to the floor, indoors had better wear soft bottom slipper. Method 1: the surface of the real wood floor is scratched, usually be the paint also be destroyed. This wants to see the surface of real wood floor scratches degree. If the surface paint film scratches shallow, then can use polishing to wax the method that handles, will pull to wipe clean hind can.

Method 2: there is also a kind of condition is the scar is deeper, can be used solid to repair wax to fill, then use the paintbrush to make coloring, finish polishing processing.

Method 3: if the above operation is very troublesome, you can buy a bottle of floor wax and wipe it as normal, some of which are not very deep scratches can be processed. Buy a bottle of floor wax to spend not how much money, but to the repair of the wooden floor has a great help, can make its surface burnish beautifully, prevent scratches, extend service life and so on. Generally, three months or so a thorough maintenance is similar.

Method 4: if you really serious or repair the effect is not satisfied, you must find a professional company to handle the wooden floor, replacement, will be severely damaged to dig up the wood floor, to replace; Most still need to scratch the wooden floor, along with no scratch the wooden floor, must dig up applied (because wooden floor and wooden floor is built by laying bricks or stones and groove, dig a wooden floor had difficulties in practice).

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