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​Kate Fischer backflips on media ban with tell-all and Oktoberfest Costume

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THE former actressOktoberfest Costumeand model once known as Kate Fischer has posed for a revealing photo shoot for New Idea magazine, admitting she “changed her mind” after previously insisting she was a private person who wanted to stay out of the media.

The 42-year-old, who legallyswimwear manufacturerchanged her name to Tziporah Malkah after embracing Orthodox Judaism, looks happy and healthy in a three-page shoot for the latest issue of the womens mag, out today, accompanied by an interview in which she opens up about her new life.

Life is much more rewarding now, she says of her new role, working night shifts at an aged care home. I wish Id done this kind of geriatric psych work years ago.

In her New Idea interview, Malkah who moved to LA after their split to try to make it as an actress admitted her relationship with Packer had cast a long shadow.

I had to put up with false rumours that I got multi-millions out of splitting from him. Once, I was at the supermarket when someone yelled out: Nice job, getting 10 million bucks for lying on your back, Kate! Id hear those types of awful remarks for years.

Malkah cleared up rumours about her so-called multimillion-dollar payout from Packer, explaining that in fact she was given the house theyd shared plus an extra few hundred thousand dollars.

The pair were together for five years before their split in 1998.Source:News Limited

Malkah was thrust back into the spotlight earlier this month when rival mag Womans Day published unflattering pictures of her, wrapped in a bedsheet and collecting her mail, apparently unaware she was being photographed.

Malkah says she was initially shocked to have been targeted.

But then I got so much support from people, it was really heartening. Really, why should anyone feel ashamed about how they look when photographed without their knowledge?

While she insisted after her initial tabloid coverage that she was no longer desirous of being a public figure, Malkah took to her public Facebook page today to explain to her followers why shed changed her mind and opted for a lingerie photo shoot.

Well. Ive done something that no woman has ever done before or will ever do since: change my mind! Ive received and continue to receive so much positive feedback since I was essentially body-shamed by a nasty publication, she writes.

As Kate I had a zillion minutes of fame but as Tziporah I reckon that this is my 15. I do live a simple life now and the paparazzi can only get so many pictures of me in my work outfit or mismatched pyjamas! So why not do something that helps people within this tiny time frame? There is always opportunity within crisis.

I dont advocate fatness or thinness, but some of us fight the good fight in regards to our weight all the time. It can be mentally all-consuming and very draining- particularly if there are other stresses and distractions going on in ones life.

Asked by New Idea what advice shed give to her younger self, Malkah issued what seemed to be a pointed jab at her ex: Dont go round kissing goannas hoping theyll become princes!


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