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​Neighbours star Olympia Valance says corset style bra modelling made her think her body was sexy

Asked by swimmingsuits on 12/06/2017 at 1:05 AM

AS Paige Smith, Neighbours’ slightlycorset style bradodgy girl next door, Olympia Valance, 22, has seen her public profile soar.

Starringhalloween costumes shop onlinein glamorous lingerie campaigns hasnt hurt her popularity, either. But this beauty doesnt mind getting down and dirty.

Paige and Tyler have been doing quite a bit of illegal activity over the past few months, it was really fun to play. We got to do a few stunts and things like that.

No, I got involved, and it was great! I loved it, I love all that stuff. Basically I tackled someone to the ground, and tried to restrain them. It was full on, lots of running around. The stunt teacher taught us how to get someone to the ground and immobilise them. I was like, this is great. This is what I do every day. How great is that?

Youve got more than 68,000 followers on Instagram. Did the number soar when you started Neighbours?

Absolutely. The youth these days theyre always on their phones, and our fanbase is quite young, so everyones really active. For shows like ours, we get a bunch of followers.liedry158

I actually wrote it down before I started. My sister Holly told me to do it, she said write it down, to remember what it was like. I had 1,402 before.

You probably gained a few more through the Gossard lingerie campaign.

Its been amazing so far. The trip I just did for the photo shoot, I only had a few days off (Neighbours) so I was only in the UK for 48 hours and then straight back home. I was crying on the way home, I hadnt slept for about five days. Its that type of exhaustion that makes you feel sick.

Ive always said that I would never do it, never do lingerie modelling. Ever since I was little. My sister did a lot of it, and I just said to myself, Nup, thats not what I want to do. Even when I was modelling I didnt want to do lingerie modelling.

I think it was meeting with this company. I do not have a lingerie body, Ive got bigger legs, and a bum and boobs, and I said to them, I dont think this is right. And they said they wanted real bodies, and I was like, OK. Actually putting the lingerie on I felt so beautiful and sexy, probably better than Ive ever felt, which is bizarre.

Then the photos came out and I loved them, and I dont regret a thing. The Kardashians do such great things for different body types and have changed what people find beautiful now, I love it. Having bigger thighs and arse, I now find that sexy, and I never used to.

Not that I want to take away from girls who are naturally thin. Everyones beautiful in their own way.


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