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Nurturing a Little Einstein – Tips and Ideas

Asked by sophiaaddison on 12/04/2017 at 1:51 AM

Little kids have a natural curiosity that should not be ignored. If you have noticed, they are always busy trying to fit their little fingers in to wall sockets or put everything into their mouth or simply see how you react to everything that they do. All this is part of their learning curve. From a very young age they start to learn things from their immediate surroundings. They test their limits, know what is allowed and not allowed and even try to find if they could possibly defy that limit by some cute act. Soon after this stage they move into the questioning phase, where everything is a question. Even before they can start talking, they will start pointing to things as if to say “this” and “that”. As a parent, it is important that you do not stop them from asking their hundred and one questions, but steer them in the right direction so that they learn to do what is best and actually learn something that will benefit them. Here are some ideas of what can be done.

For The Toddlers with Itchy Fingers and A Love for Sounds

Giving your baby the right things to play with will not only make it safer for them, it will also enable them to start building their curiosity castle. Vtech baby toys enable just this. They have a great range of items that you can get your little one interested in. There are books that have colourful pictures and tiny computers that make interesting sounds that are sure to grab your bright-eyed toddler’s interest. Most times they won’t know what to do with it, but soon enough they will learn. This is how they start developing their memory base. With their curiosity developing, they will allow their minds to grow and learn further in due time.

Develop Reading Habits Early

Getting your child books with colourful pictures even when they don’t understand much will automatically cause them to become interested in books. Toddlers after a certain age become attracted to colours and this will keep them on the pages of the book. With time, as they grow, you will be able to interest them with simple books that you can read to them. Soon enough, you will find that they enjoy them and want to read every chance they get. Reading is a good habit that most children don’t enjoy. So if you can help your child develop a genuine interest in reading, you will be able to develop their reading and understanding skills from a very young age.

Get Them to Take Part in Activities with You

Making sure that you allow your little one to join you during a cake making session or a car repairing session will naturally make them interested in such activities. Not only will they be learning life skills, but it will also introduce them to what they enjoy and don’t enjoy all that much. This will help them make smart choices in the future for their own education and career development.