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Audio CD burning problems

Asked by Donnieclark on 11/14/2017 at 2:10 AM


I want to copy my music cassette tapes to CD's, having successfully extracted the files using Audacity and exported them as .wav files they are playable on PC with no problems.

When I burn an audio CD in WMP or CyberLink CD/DVD burner even at the slowest selectable speed I am unable to create a CD that will play on my Sanyo DC-X750 DSSS they play on any other PC without problem.

I was able to create playable audio CD's on my old (now died ) PC which had Windows XP OS, I am now on Windows 8 ( if it makes any difference ).

The created files appear to be the same from both systems and the same as shop bought CD'sI would appreciate any advice, but please keep simple I am not very clever with computers.

I didn't find the right solution from the internet.


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