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Asked by rxz123 on 11/06/2017 at 9:26 PM

Naturally Grant Hill Suns Jersey , since I am not in fact a world famous sociologist with an endless supply of PhD's on the subject, my answer to the question of can creativity be taught is opinion. Nothing more. Nothing less, hopefully.

However, having spent the better part of my adult life in a career surrounded by creativity...I feel as if my opinion is at least POSSIBLY here goes. Everyone take cover.

First off Eric Bledsoe Suns Jersey , everyone is well aware that there are many variations of 'creativity.' The world has accountants, and then the world has accountants. One could be more 'creative' than the other in their problem solving...willingness to think outside the box. One might simply have a broader set of definitions as to interpretations of rules...and that makes him or her 'creative.' Doesn't it?

(Hmmm. Maybe accountant was a bad example...we'll see.)

But society tends to look at the word 'creativity' and immediately conjure up images of artists, actors and photographers, architects Dragan Bender Suns Jersey , musicians, and artists and yes, writers too. There's certainly a mystique to being labeled 'creative.'

And so, being able to chime in on the writers Devin Booker Suns Jersey , I can tell you that in my honest opinion, creativity SEEMS TO BE something you are born with. A majority of the writers I have known confirm that as well.

But here's what else I believe...

I believe that creativity can be NURTURED.

Absolutely. In fact I'm sure of it. (read on)

I believe that if a person deemed to be 'non-creative' were to put him or herself into different life learning patterns, that person could develop creative-abilities.

Am I suggesting a endless diet of MTV's Real World and a re-read of the latest issue of TV Guide or anything by James Patterson? No.

I'm suggesting that people need to expose themselves to more creative outlets in order to think and be more creative. Not watching daytime television and picking up an unfinished novel will start the ball rolling. Don't you still have the instructions for REALLY using that digital video camera?

How about putting some classical music on your Ipod on shuffle and actually letting it wash over you as you mow the lawn. Heck, you'd at least FEEL as if you were doing something creative. And that might lead to something new you might want to try the next day.

Personally Dan Majerle Suns Jersey , whenever I felt I had been tapped out in terms of my own creativity, I would run, not walk, to one of those funky magazine stores in the West Village in NYC and just start looking at pictures and reading the first parts of articles. Or grab The New York Times Book Review. Or rent ET.

Didn't matter.

It would refuel my creativity batteries. And almost every 'creative' in advertising I knew had their own way of recharging.

I've proven to myself that creativity can be myself. And there was no more grateful student.

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For the past several months, we have witnessed the gradual weakening of the rand against the Aussie Dollar. What this means for you is that now you can get more value for your dollars when you visit South Africa.

Economic Indicators Affecting South African Rand (ZAR)

For months now, the South African Rand (ZAR) has not performed well against major currencies. Although the currency has had a series of rise and falls Brandon Knight Suns Jersey , 2011 saw ZAR's gradual depreciation against the United States Dollar (USD) and Australian Dollar (AUD). The global concerns have influenced the downward trend of South Africa's currency. Presented below are the historical exchange rates for the ZAR against USD and AUD:

----------------- AUDZAR* -- USDZAR*
December 2009 --- 6.6337 -- 7.3881
March 2010 ------ 6.7843 -- 7.4006
June 2010 -------- 6.4727 -- 7.6549
September 2010 -- 6.7392 -- 6.9650
December 2010 --- 6.7355 -- 6.5879
March 2011 ------ 6.9995 -- 6.7747
June 2011 -------- 7.2524 -- 6.7661
September 2011 -- 7.8239 -- 8.0975
November 2011 --- 8.3342 -- 8.1283

*month-end foreign exchange rates

The rand's depreciation is affected by several economic indicators. Some of these factors have contributed positively to South Africa's national economic growth but majority have negatively impacted the value of her currency. Here are some of the important factors that led to the depreciation of the ZAR:

Inflation Rate
- Growth in retail sales and production sectors
- Increased consumer spending

Interest Rates
- Kept at benchmark lending rate

- Increased imports in Q3 of 2011
- Slow growth of export volumes

Money Market
- Investors sold riskier, emerging-market assets

Global Market
- Europe's crisis and woes impact negatively South Africa's growth as they are their major trading partner
- Euro-zone's recession poses a huge risk to South Africa's economy

The South African Reserve Bank (SARB) is set to continue with an unchanged policy rate and maintain its 30-year low interest rate, hoping that the New Year brings in positive news for the South African and global financial markets.

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