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​Paulinho:I am willing to word for Messi

Asked by fifa17coins on 10/18/2017 at 10:39 PM

On the eve of the Champions League battle in Barcelona and Lyon, Brazil's Brazilian star Paulini escorted coach Barverd to attend the press conference before the game. cheap fifa 18 coins In an interview when talking about landing Nou Camp after the feelings. The Brazilian international that Messi is the core of Barcelona, he is willing to run at the mercy of Messi. As for their teammate in the national team Nei Maer, Paulini that is less than good but not as Messi.

Pauline's interview content by the Spanish "Aspen" reproduced. Paulini first talked about the Champions League title, "This is a motivated goal, we must fully enjoy, because you never know what happens in the game."

When asked about joining the team so far, Paulo said, "I feel really good in Barcelona. The big players gathered in the team, everyone has a place worth learning, they gave me great I believe that I can help them, and in any case I will go all out here, and now I feel very calm and confident.

As for his position on the field, Paulini that there is no change in Guangzhou Hengda, "I still play the midfield position.Whether in the national team or Barcelona, I can get between the two restricted areas The freedom of this can also play out my characteristics.

"Lionel (Messi) is an unusual player. I had to face some options, but now I am honored to be able to compete with him." It 's incredible, Messi gave me a lot of help and helped me to adapt to the team. cheap fifa coins Of course, Nei Maer in the national team also gave me a lot of help now, my and Messi with more and more Tacit, I like to run for him, and then make the final decision by him.Now, I was playing with the world 's best players.

Talking about the help she can give to the team, Paulini said, "At the offensive level, I can give the team a lot of support and I think I can through the plug, to create a threat to the opponent. Maybe before the season someone questioned my ability Now, I use my own goals and performance to make them have nothing to say, and I will work harder to win the championship for the team.

There is a topic of some sensitive, that is, Messi and Nei Maer who is stronger? Pauline said, "They are different types of players, but are very great now, my task is to help Messi continue to keep the world's best player level.Nemar is also great, but Messi is now the best Nemal might catch him in three or four years.

As for Neel 's departure, Paulini said, "If he does not leave, I will be very happy to play with him in Barcelona and I have no right to evaluate the choice of others.


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