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Asked by sevenclock on 10/16/2017 at 8:52 PM

This life is the most honored to meet with you, this is the best attachment in my life......

When I was born, to the [url=][b]Moncler Online Shop[/b][/url] world that moment, I and mother leave this world understand [url=][b]Moncler UK[/b][/url] affection. Some people say that mother is the son of former lover, after suffering a few of the world was ushered in today's reunion, so the son will be a variety of mother care, affectionate son, this is certainly not the most sincere feelings. Will the interpretation of scenes of a loving mother and dutiful son, tear story to touch one deeply in the heart!

Brotherly affection, blood is thicker than water, broken bones, tendons attached. Brothers and sisters from each [url=][b]Moncler Online[/b][/url] other, even if occasionally Dadanaonao, or something but finally strike violently, be kind. In fact, the life destined for node and can not only cherish the negative heaven, irresponsible parents......

The love of a good friend begins when a child is ignorant. At that time, every one of us is the most pure and most time to [url=][b]Moncler Jackets[/b][/url] time, we are naivete smile, is our fearless character, a newborn calf not fear tiger is [url=][b]Moncler Coats[/b][/url] our most crazy side. However, with the passage of time, we [url=][b]Moncler Online[/b][/url] still grow up slowly, so no longer like childhood as unscrupulous, and slowly, the girl also has the appearance, the boy began to sensible. However, soon after, we leave each other, that is the first time we face in life although farewell, inadvertently, although the heart did not know each other but the earth tremble, the future can not [url=][b]Moncler UK[/b][/url] meet, the reluctant to [url=][b]Moncler Outlet[/b][/url] part or some feelings......

Love is the most beautiful emotion in the world. Some people say that the first love in the primary stage of germination, because love is ignorant, and most misty memories. Boys and girls together, learn from each other, you help me, I help you, we together, happy to spend every day, then thought that this is the so-called love it? In fact, that is not love, it is just a longing eyes, a confused expression......

Some people say that love began in adolescence that beautiful time, because [url=][b]Moncler UK[/b][/url] it is a time of a first awakening interest in the opposite sex, desire, a good look......

However, the love [url=][b]Moncler Outlet[/b][/url] of adolescence is also ignorant, it is a kind of irrational emotion, an out of control experience, even a crazy cross-country......

Slowly discovered, which is actually a [url=][b]Moncler Jacket Outlet[/b][/url] kind of uncivilized behavior, perhaps because of the impulse of adolescence, some teenagers had a mistake, but we can not say that they [url=][b]Moncler Jacket Outlet[/b][/url] are wrong, but they go the wrong way, lost the direction......

True love, the first is rational, not blind, can endure time and time to test, can withstand wind and rain grinding, although not with vigour and vitality, but also light, leisurely life......

The past who, who cannot bear to think of the past, the past, now already with the time gone, just once in the past has left us a memorable scenes, let us rejoice, let us worry!

Baptism, endure years honed, at this moment, we should [url=][b]Moncler Jacket Outlet[/b][/url] also grow up, the face [url=][b]Moncler Jackets[/b][/url] of family, friendship and love, never complain, not impulsive, not madness, we learn Thanksgiving, learn to understand, learn tolerance, learn to sacrifice, learnt how to be a real man!

Buddhism cloud, all good and evil all have the reason, all beings are equal! The so-called: what kind of cause, what fruit! Now, only with a sincere Thanksgiving heart, can let the heart really get [url=][b]Moncler Coats[/b][/url] calm.

So I thank everyone I met in my life!

We live in this world, and we are entangled with the world every day. The crowd is moving all the time, and the mind rarely stops. Like the alternation of day and night, separation and reunion, love and indifference, acceptance and rejection, there will be a final result, and we shake hands with the world.<br />
<br />
Every time the wind blows on the platform, let me feel a desire to want to fly. Perhaps every time we leave and every time we return, we have some kind of desire. Where there are people, there is sound. The bottom of my heart is packed with the simplest luggage. Life on the road, very long, very short. Long enough to see the bottom of the day, as short as the morning and evening.<br />
<br />
The stream and pop up bell, remembered that year, bell bottoms, guitar, see "volleyball". That year, riding bicycles, boys whistling, long skirts, black hair, eyes are full of hope. At that time, love and friendship is higher than all, and <a href=""><b>Moncler Outlet</b></a> girl talk all night long age, here. A man can sit by the bridge with his book and sit on the grass. After many years, suddenly I do not want to be alone. When mature, people are melting into the crowd. The enjoyment of the lonely mood, but even more young.<br />
<br />
Do not know that in order to see the girl, climbed high on the roof, waiting for her passing boy, is not at a certain moment, miss this emotion?. Because young, will be unscrupulous. Even likes also can render the earth shaking, but when understood, more introverted, does not reveal, the calm and astringent gradually spreads gradually.<br />
<br />
The old lady said, "every time you pull the curtain, you say to yourself, it's another day.". When young, the time is always endless, you can make mischief, you can make mistakes, you can take it for granted, because there are opportunities to do it again. In old age, time is always short, between the seam of the road is the old road, no longer stand any wind and rain, can only wait for the stability of the years.<br />
<br />
In a flash, ten years. With colleagues in turn came to my side note, dated 2007. In fact, still earlier, they are in my side, how many people, every day to stay with you, ten years like a day to support us. Love doesn't speak to each other. There are several partners who can go hand in hand, it is really the most reassuring warmth in the world.<br />
<br />
There are too many things that cannot be measured by money. People live in the world because we have emotions above all things in the world. The <a href=""><b>Moncler Coats</b></a> soul that cannot be dried comes from the calling of emotion. Love and hate are worthy of respect, we pay, do not care about gains and losses. Dare to pay, love life, is the best emotion.<br />
<br />
A journey from one place to another. From birth to death, an experience. Think of warm people, intravenous drip is worth recalling. Those who have warmed us are worthy of our memory. The inner surface is more rich, more clear. See, see, see, see, look.<br />
<br />
April is always accompanied by a season of green, when the green is from shallow to deep. Some of the branches hung new green leaves, some trees have in the old green flowers open. A few days ago or Pumianerlai rape, in the past few days have gone to seed the son. The yellow flowers of spring leaves tiny spots, deep, everything is beautiful. Daily, the left hand of a thousand years of lights, the right hand holding the text of the persistent. Fireworks in the world of mortals, the lack of human flavor. Under the pen, leaving <a href=""><b>Moncler Jackets</b></a> more flowers on the snow wind.<br />
<br />
We like an old vine linger in the years of branches, deeply absorbed in the silent root. Nourishing the complexity of the sun and the moon, step by step, real progress. Some impetuous things, gradually precipitation, wash fiber hua. Even with the hands of vegetables, but also with a poetic heart. Life can not be without poetry, and then busy, but also learn to calm down to the right.<br />
<br />
Yesterday snow is blossoming, but today it is like snow. The Confidante such as beauty, easy to fade. Cherry blossoms in the middle of April, gorgeous opened, opened a stunning time, the kind of desperate gesture to move people's hearts. There is one thing, to the heart, let us touch to a spiritual temperature. Be careless with open, relaxed, short to brilliant, the strength.<br />
<br />
In April the spring, charcoal smoked. The seeds of the wind send grass, green everywhere. Drizzle wet moss, green leaves hung with crystal beads. Step up and walk, everywhere is fresh. The surface of the water, fog rising steam, vague look at the Castle Peak in Qingyuan. There is a family, the flavor of the meat stew. They sat round the table, a drink for a drink laugh. Life is a link, a section of the sometimes lively, sometimes desolate. Love in this earthly fireworks, also love the water on sepsis. Within reach, never tired.<br />
<br />
The rain in April is particularly large, lingering soft, with a trace of cool, accompanied by the growth of the season. City, country, all in <a href=""><b>Moncler UK</b></a> the wind and rain of the season, silently write the paean of life. Some people say: I took full peach branches, you say elegant pear. Yes, we all have missed the regret, have puzzled puzzled, have had unwilling crying. Later, in the time image, these are the background colors.<br />
<br />
Time has its mark, we must live well.

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