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​Messi meets a big hidden danger

Asked by fifa17coins on 09/29/2017 at 1:36 AM

Barcelona won the Portuguese sport, but the team is actually quite mediocre. Messi's milestone, tonight is also a bit of miles of sad taste. Tonight is Messi 593 times for Barcelona, cheap fifa 18 coins he and Puyol tied for third in the history of the team. But in Portugal, Messi did not harvest the individual European warball ball. Before tonight, Messi in the Champions League and the European Cup were scored 96 goals and 3 goals.

In the attack, Barcelona has been poor performance tonight. Luis - Suarez does not adapt to the left winger position, Sergei - Roberto and can not open the space for the team on the right. Iniesta and Rakitic are declining, and Messi is helpless before the other is restricted. In this case, Messi effective break through the ball less, he entered the other restricted area of the number also fell.

Messi's most threatening offense occurred in the 57th minute. At that time Luis - Suarez left steals cross, Messi ball into the restricted area right ribs. Patricio abandoned the door attack, Messi has the opportunity to use the best at the single shot break. But at this time Mathieu was out of the ramp, cheap fifa coins he used a tackle to resolve the crisis. From this scene, but also to see the decline of physical fitness Messi. Martie is indeed the speed of the defender, but Messi's speed is also an indisputable fact. Now Messi breakthrough more dependent on the rhythm and change direction, he drove straight into the number of people has been less and less.

In the Champions League after the first two rounds of the group match, Barcelona victory lead the standings, and there is no loss of the ball. But there is a data, but worthy of our attention. In these two games, Messi failed to send a teammate enough to turn into a key pass goal. Messi has been the key to the last pass of Barcelona, but now it is cut off from his teammates. If Barride can not solve this problem, Barcelona this season, the Champions League certainly not far away.


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