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​CR7 is too nervous to get one goal?

Asked by fifa17coins on 09/27/2017 at 3:26 AM

This season, the first round of the Spanish league has been fully started, C Lo so far the number of goals or 0, has not yet played in the 6 games have not played Messi 9 ball. cheap fifa 18 coins Lost gold boots is not terrible, the most frightening is that C Lo is now caught in an anxiety state, and even the entire Real Madrid is also a lack of calm, Zidane should be considered to save the anxiety of Real Madrid.

Mourinho in the 2010-2011 season took office, C Luo had two consecutive games do not score the embarrassing history, when the madman evaluation C Luo was "goal anxiety", the Portuguese striker always want to hurry , In the door when the psychological becomes difficult to calm, the so-called haste makes waste, missed the opportunity will only make C Lo more irritable, the more irritability, the more unable to score, the cycle began to form a vicious circle.

Previously C Lo 2 times the face of Araves scored a total of 3 assists 1, averaging 2 goals per game can be planned. But tonight C Luo is 2 hit the column. 1 time directly on the left side of the road trip to get rid of the opponent's close defense, shining shot space after C Luo directly hit the ball far corner, but the ball around all the people, but did not bypass the post, the ball directly hit the column pop up. In the first 46 minutes, C Luo's shot was ruthless refused.

In order to gain the goal, buy fifa 18 coins C Luo even tried his not good at the barbarian shot, but the face of the air flying the ball, C Lo position to determine the error, made a barb moves but kicked empty, then quickly got up This to resolve the embarrassment. The whole game C Luo total shot 6 times, only shot 1 times, but the ball was Pacheco saved, the fans see is not a big kill the Quartet C Luo, but a shot every time full of violence violent mad Shot, in order to vent their own anxiety, but the more the more anxious waves, C Lo recently two games mentality has been imbalanced.

In fact, C Luo mind anxiety I am afraid that only a microcosm of Real Madrid team, Ramos in the game in the face of the door shot to shoot the ball hit the ball, the front of the card will be directly kicked in the goalkeeper. The team 2-1 leading to want to continue to expand the score to fight early to end the fighting, but leave the gap is very deadly. Tonight Araves hit the column twice, especially in the second half of the second hit the column is a single knife ball hit the door missed goal, if the ball was scored Real Madrid I am afraid 3 points 1 minute.

Real Madrid now need a victory to get rid of the tide, but met small and medium teams always want to eat a rival, so the lack of patience, with the game began to become anxious. Over time, Real Madrid can not get rid of the demons, the record will decline. And next week in the face of Dortmund Champions League game can be described as the strongest opponents after the end of the Western Cup, and now hit the small team has been very laborious, if the future strong teams face weak, Zidane crisis will be more serious


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