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Pokemon Mega is a HTML5 browser-based anime RPG ,want to have a try?

Asked by tontosoy on 09/25/2017 at 3:02 AM

Pokemon Mega online is a HTML5 browser-based RPG, loosely based on anime. The game features turn-based battles based on attack speed, and the ability to recruit and deploy multiple Heroes to join you in battle. Along with five available classes with unique skills, Pokemon Mega includes core systems such as Character Upgrade, Hero Recruiting, Dungeons, and more. Heed the call of Zeus and let your myth be born!


The world was once filled with all types of evil that threatened humankind, handful of chosen followers pray to the gods to be blessed with their awesome power and with their blessing set off to slay the Pokemon Mega That Eats the Stars and the Giant Snake that lives beneath the sea.


These heroes have powerful abilities and will directly affects a players Battle Rating, but the most important role is that they can make up the positions in your squad that you cannot fill with your own class i.e. playing as a support class means players can focus on recruiting tank-based heroes and putting them into their formation.
The collection mechanic was something that was really the heart of the game, and it still is the heart of the game for new users, but this [improves] the game for players who have reached a certain level. I think that’s the single biggest change because of that challenge and opportunity of fun that it presents to more experienced players. And also, it’s designed to encourage cooperative play, which is core to our mission.
Click on the link to play Pokemon Mega with your phone, NO NEED TO DOWNLOAD!

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