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Feeling a little down in the dumps at the moment? Find this wintry weather disheartening to say the least? That’s understandable. The weather in the UK can be bleak at the best of times Matty Willock Jersey , never mind about the wintry months. Here’s something that’ll warm the cockles of your heart though. Why not enjoy a South African safari at <””>Bakubung later on this year? It’s one the top destinations for tourists that are looking for fun and adventure.
Thoughts of the dreary weather back in the UK would be the last thing ion your mind if you booked a trip to Bakubung. This stunning bush lodge makes a magnificent base and it’s only a 90 minute drive from Johnnesburg.
Think of the exotic, charming allures of Bakubung right now, picture fabulous wildlife experiences, the roar of campfires and a level of accommodation that has to be seen to be believed. Bakubung retreats are fabulous experiences and they can be arranged through travel providers that offer affordable KWA Maritane bush lodge facilities.
Savour the beauty of Bakubung
Sited in the Pilanesberg National Park, Bakubung is the first choice for many travelers that want the ultimate safari adventure. It’s a beautiful bush lodge that gives you the chance to enjoy a dream holiday package. See wildlife up close and personal on a foot safari, take the leisurely option with a game drive, you can enjoy elephant back safaris at Bakubung or even a hot air balloon safari of you like.
The most magnificent wildlife safaris await you at Bakubung, it’s a tranquil haven that’ll make such a heavenly holiday and it’s just as gorgeous as KWA Maritane. If you want a vacation with a difference, one that stimulates your senses and pampers you at the same time, book a brilliant Bakubung escape.
The facilities are fabulous!
Take a tour package at Bakubung and you’ll be living in the lap of luxury. Bakubung offers guests a selection of 76 studio rooms, they’re air conditioned, come with thatched roofs and provide you with the ultimate in intimacy. On-site you’ll find there are tons of activities to keep you occupied and Bakubung offers a plethora of wonderful amenities.
Pick a tailor-made itinerary at Bakubung and look for the great deals that are being offered at the moment through tour operators that specialize in sending tourists to prime bush lodges like the KWA Maritane.
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