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​There is one step between Barca and Di María in the summer

Asked by fifa17coins on 09/13/2017 at 9:46 PM

Barcelona Although the new season in La Liga and the Champions League start are considered smooth, but the transfer market this summer can be described as playing a downright defeat. cheap fifa 18 coins Sent to Nemal Although in exchange for 220 million euros, but the outside world generally believe that Barcelona in the introduction of Pauline and Deng Beilei when the price is too much premium, suffered a major loss. Moreover, Nei Maer's most successful successor Kutiniao was at the last moment was strong to stay in Liverpool.

Recently, from Spain, "Marca" on a transfer of Barcelona this summer, the insider is regrettable. Barcelona once intended to be the arrival of the big Paris in the Nemal and most likely to become a substitute Dimaliya signed, but the angel eventually left in Paris. And in fact the distance from the angels to return to La Liga is really only one step away, Barcelona's final offer from the psychological price of Paris only 10 million gap, but Barcelona did not even offer additional, resulting in transfer negotiations shelved. cheap fifa coins

It is reported that Dimaliya in 2015 to 63 million euros to join the big Paris after the high price, the original Real Madrid to buy it when the "anti-Barcelona clause" has been invalid, this has the angel to return to La Liga obstacles removed. Moreover, Barcelona for the Argentine star offer also have sincerity: 45 million +500 million floating bonus, total 50 million euros. However, such a offer can not move the big Paris, not the lack of money in the French giants that such a offer can not reflect the value of Di Maria, and than the original team to introduce his price gap is too large, made a replacement price of 60 million euros.

From the French media news, when many media analysis of Barcelona since the hand holding more than 200 million transfer budget, should not bad 10 million, it is predicted that Dimaliya to join Barcelona is very likely. Did not think, I do not know Barcelona's transfer bargain strategy, or the club will sign the target transfer to other places, in short, put aside the negotiations on the transfer of DiMalia, and ultimately led to this summer missed the side, and And Messi in the national team is very call the Argentine star. As for the distance between Barcelona and DiMarmar, it is only in the current transfer market looks negligible 10 million euros only.