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​You and the goddess between the poor one for their own white shirt Girls...

Asked by fyyrmjs817 on 09/12/2017 at 7:05 AM

You and the goddess between the poor one for their own white shirt Girls in the closet is the most lack of white shirt, the most likely to wear clothing temperament is also a white shirt, and the white shirt wearing a legend and vivid is Audrey Hepburn. Thousands of shirt to see, only white shirt, is fragrant long-lasting eternal. Pretty short hair cheap scottie pippen shoes, sweet smile, white shirt put away in the elegant big skirt ... ... that year's Hepburn stunning four. White shirt with calm and quiet, filter the colorful hubbub, so that the eyes to see the quiet down, the mood has become simple and clear. In 1993, Gong Li for the first time in Cannes, she wore a white shirt, black trousers, minimalist black and white with jewelry, slim face pale, that year she became a war, leaving this can no longer classic photos. Now, the costume designer gave the white shirt more creative way of expression cheap nike air max shoes. Simple shirt to join the embroidery elements, so that simple white shirt a little more ingenuity craft. Barbara Bui 2013 spring series to reflect the curve of the United States and elegant women's temperament, the designer will be white shirt profile for fine cutting, so that this serious single product more fashionable and casual. Vika Gazinskaya 2016 spring and summer series and keen to design a white shirt Viktor \u0026 Rolf, then pay more attention to the details of the white shirt on the deal. Viktor \u0026 Rolf 2013 autumn and winter [with Tips] some things, even if the world changes, still the same. Like the beauty of Audrey Hepburn, not for the time, like a simple white shirt, always walk in the forefront of the trend .. nike air max shoes. ... and you need to choose a suitable for their own white shirt enough. Tips1: pick style with the popularity of the neutral wind by the degree of warming, neutral simple white shirt partial men's silhouette design to reflect the simple atmosphere of the style, but also a good shape of the image of an independent woman, but this Style is not suitable for big chest MM. While the white shirt is more feminine expression, through the lace, pleats, bow and cuffs on the lotus leaf and so on reflect the female curve of the United States and elegant temperament. Viktor \u0026 Rolf | Resort 2015 Collection Casual loose white shirt is a single product can be used throughout the year, the shape of the design with the free and unfettered, suitable for pear-shaped body of the girls. Carolina Herrera 2015 autumn and winter series Tips2: pick profile from the profile to distinguish between white shirt, it is difficult to give a general summary of white shirt, but recently more popular there are several types: H type: wear on the body like a straight, stiff The outline, smooth and concise lines, creating a simple and neutral style, suitable for use with dark wide leg pants. Waist: usually long or long section, waist tightening, hem start, very elegant sense, to reflect the advantages of women's body. Céline 2012 spring and summer series T-type: truncated body, showing a new overall effect, spring and summer show Xiaoman Yao, so that the whole body with a sexy up with a T-shaped white shirt. Tips3: pick the sleeves of different sleeves of the white shirt, giving the feeling is too different, and simple straight sleeves reflect a simple atmosphere nike basketball shoes, Puff Sleeve, lantern sleeves emit a romantic and charming feeling, water sleeves, large Flapping sleeve is reflected in the informal and rebellious. Maison Martin Margiela 2013 AWTips4: pick back design compared to the white shirt in front of the body for some details of the design cheap retro jordan shoes, the back of the details of the design seems more fashionable. Such as some post-slit design of the minimalist wind shirt, with the lines of the skirt outlines the 'serious' clothing front, but in the back of the slits of the design, revealing a little sexy women. Or there are a lot of fashion up to their own people have learned the 'shirt anti-wear' an effective shortcut, the ordinary shirt with a new idea. Tips5: pick collar shirt collar stress and changeable, lapel, stand collar, V collar, collarless, round neck, these collar on the small details of the design, making the white shirt more layered. [People show] wearing a white shirt Gui Lun magnesium, as if back to the 16-year-old 'blue door.' Johanna Braddy A white shirt wears the feeling of retro. White is an inclusive color, and black and white with the white shirt is always the same theme. White shirt with jeans youth filled with a pair of hands have a small white shoes, enough concave type. White shirt and even with a small brush skirt are particularly harmonious. Haider AckermannDaniella Tkach Yamamoto Yasushi White Shirt [Recommend single product] La Garconne $ 316Peter Jensen Oversized Shirt DresselleryWhite Cotton Sleeveless Danube Shirt $ 650 $ 241PRABAL GURUNGDraped Front Capelet Blouse $ 695


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