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​Di María is eager to go to Barca

Asked by fifa17coins on 08/30/2017 at 10:04 PM

Due to Nei Maer's departure, Barcelona is actively looking for the transfer of the market within the small substitute, and the Paris generals Di Maria in the previous period of time and Barcelona to go very close. fifa 18 coins According to the latest news from the Spanish radio station, Di Maria has now asked the club to let him leave, because the angels hope to join Barcelona this summer.

Barcelona has been given to Paris before the two offer, respectively, 25 million euros and 30 million euros. But the two offer have been rejected by the Paris side, Barcelona is preparing for the last day to Paris to send a third offer. Although the attitude of the Paris is tough, but Dimaliya himself is hoping to go to Barcelona, at this stage the Argentine has asked the club to release.

But Dumariya is able to successfully join Barcelona, it all depends on Kutiniao. If Barcelona at the last moment the successful introduction of Kutiniao, then Barcelona will not go all out to fight Di Maria. Of course, if Barcelona finally failed to introduce Kutiniao, then Barcelona may be at the last moment to send a sincere and full offer.

At the same time, Dimaliya wanted to play to Nou Camp, which has a direct relationship with Messi. In the angel's view, he is more willing to work side by side with the national teammate Messi fought. It is worth mentioning that, and Macy's very good Diemiya attended this year's Messi's wedding, and Messi also very much hope to have an Argentine national team teammates to join Barcelona. This may lead to a distress transfer of Dimaliya.

Interestingly, in the previous media reported to the Barcelona 50 million euros on the Di Maali transfer agreement with Paris to reach the news. In fact, it is the situation is that the Barcelona side only willing to spend 35 million euros in the Di Maria, the price of Pauline is also lower than 5 million euros. fifa coins As for the end result, the answer is about to be announced.


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