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​Olof’s interview

Asked by fifa17coins on 06/21/2017 at 11:03 PM

Fnatic team known as the "universe team", the team core Olofmeister is undoubtedly the core of the team players, inside and outside the fans have numerous fans in China Olof also has a lot of loyalty powder, cs go Gewinnspiele Q received fnatic China official invitation to this popular And the strength of the superstar with an exclusive interview! Let us listen to Olofmeister for China, for CSGO view.

About China

Q: Which Chinese team left you with the deepest impression?

Olofmeister: If you have to let me choose one, it is fancy. But in general, the Chinese team is aggressive, fast-paced and different unusual play is really cool.

Q: Which Chinese team are you most likely to fight against?

Olofmeister: back to 1.6, I have to say Tianlu, they have been in the international arena are very active.

Q: If you choose a Chinese player to do teammates, you will choose who, you think he can hold which position?

Olofmeister: or fancy. cs go Giveaway Seiten He is a very young and unlimited potential players. We must be very suitable for teammates, because his personal ability is very strong, and our team is around each person's personal ability to play.

Q: If you have the opportunity to come to China, what do you most want to do three things?

Olofmeister: of course, is going to the Great Wall! But also eat a variety of Chinese delicious food, I especially want to see the panda witnessed.

Q: What do you want to say to Chinese fans?

Olofmeister: I and my teammates are very grateful to the Chinese fans to give us the support! thank you very much!

About CSGO and fnatic

Q: Which is your most proud game? What happened then? How did you play at that time?

Olofmeister: Must be my first major in Katowice 2015, i and my teammates won the final championship, honestly I really do not think i played better than anybody in the team

Q: How much impact did your injury have on you? Have you ever wondered not to continue playing your career?

Olofmeister: After the truth, I became less confident, it was really hard to recover, but now I have overcome the psychological obstacles.

Q: Do you think FNATIC needs to be able to return to the peak?

Olofmeister: constantly practice and adapt to a variety of environments, which is what we are doing every day now.

Q: What is the prospect of the FNATIC CSGO team in 2017?

Olofmeister: Win the championship every game!


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